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27 August 2008

A News That Completed My Day

I don't know whether I should cry or laugh till I cry when I read the news-

Hercules goes down in Davao Gulf; 9 missing.

For so long the military, OUR military to be specific, has been looking forward to "hand-me-down" planes from other countries. Hand-me-down does not necessarily mean it was given. And instead of reinforcing the troubled army, the planes and helicopters added its little hmmm, errr, subtraction by going down once in a while. You know. Reason enough for graduates from our PMA and Air Force to resign and work bigtime in some airline companies. Don't argue with me. My cousin did that.

In an institution (shall we call the military an institution?) where graft and corruption is rampant, the reason why Trillanes won a Senate seat, hearing its air fleet crashing here and there almost every time is a joke. A big joke!

Shall we make the dirty finger to our officers to prove that the money they pocket is graphically crashing at their faces?

Shall we cheer for more air crashes so that the military will now have the decency to spend where the money should go?

Shall we say more No to Militarization to deserve such antiquated planes? Of course you can put Imperialism, and Tuta ng mga Kano, and Oust GMA, if you want. Maybe we deserve them.

Shall we support the Bangsa Moro, MILF, MIFF, NPA, ABB and other smalltime militia who can evade the military when they have just a little bit of wartime gadgets?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

Please slap me to get this big grin off my face.

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