Search and You Shall Find in My World

21 February 2006


It pains me to see the news about the tragedy in Southern Leyte. I have relations with Governor Lerias and been working with the government in the past ten years and knows how the government works, and her work is never that easy.

The presence of US troops and some international rescuers (Taiwan, Malaysia, Spain, etc.) in the Philippines helping out the ravage province is a touching if not a sentimental picture. Here we are so divided but these people came in and help.

And while these people are helping the victims, those fucking assholes who have nothing to do but carry placards and shout their "cause" are causing but shame and disgrace (not counting traffic) to the Filipino people. How dare them do that! They deserved to be arrested and put in jail. We don't even get anything out from them but trouble in the international community. While we work and pay our taxes, they made poor people poorer. Instead of finding means to help, they smile at photo ops! I say FUCK ALL OF YOU BASTARDS!

Instead of helping us out of poverty they claim as a major problem, they enjoy torturing people who made the effort to help.

A misguided cause indeed.