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26 October 2007

Really Scary Movie Guide from Yahoo!

Yahoo! has released a list of Scary Movies in time for Halloween. Can't help myself but drool on the list. I wish I could get DVD (if not VCD) copies of all the listed movies. Well- I can accept donations. Anyways some of these are old. You don't want them right?

Enjoy if you have one or two. And read on the list so you can searched for lacking copies. Don't read it alone much more see it by yourself, Yahoo! cautions.

I wanna be scared. I want to see dead people too.

With Halloween coming up, Yahoo! Movies brings you the Really Scary Movie Guide, with the biggest frights ever offered on screen. Don't read it alone.

The Psychos

The Silence of the Lambs
Quid Pro Quo: Who's more insidiously evil than Dr. Hannibal Lecter?
The grand-daddy of them all will still make you think twice about taking a shower.
Babysitters beware! Michael Myers is masked, mobile and mad as a hatter.
A deranged man teaches the world about sin, and one cop gets a very personal lesson.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The true face of horror wears a mask of human skin.
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
The truth is stranger and scarier than fiction.
If you value your ankles, don't let Annie Wilkes become your number 1 fan.

The Undead

28 Days Later
A virus called Rage is spreading, with no cure, and no safe place left.
The Evil Dead
The Necro-nomicon has been read aloud, and Ash is in for a long night.
The Shining
When you're snowbound in a haunted hotel, there's only one thing to say: Redrum.
Dawn of the Dead
Flesh-eating walking corpses invade a shopping mall. Must be a sale.
The Ring
You watch a tape. Then you get a phone call. And then you die seven days later.
Kids shouldn't sit that close to the TV. They might ruin their eyes or commune with the dead.
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Freddy Kruger is the baddest of all bad dreams.

The Supernatural

The Exorcist
An aged priest fights a demon that's so scary it'll make your head spin. All the way around.
Rosemary's Baby
Neighbors in the service of Satan aren't what to expect when you're expecting.
The Omen
A couple adopts the Antichrist, a little boy so evil even his tricycle is a deadly weapon.
Prince of Darkness
An ancient container of mysterious green goo is the key to ultimate evil.
A dance academy that hides a coven of witches could only come from Dario Argento.
You'd be mad too if someone dumped pig's blood on your beautiful prom dress.
The Blair Witch Project
Still the most wicked and chilling indie movie ever.

The Monsters

The Thing
With nowhere to run and no one they can trust, these men are in for a long winter.
What's more isolated than a spaceship, or more terrifying than this bloodthirsty creature?
"You go in the cage, cage goes in the water, shark's in the water, our shark..."
The Birds
A couple of seagulls flying around can be annoying. Thousands of them can be deadly.
An American Werewolf in London
When visiting England, stay off the moors at night.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Everyone acting strange? Maybe they're pod people.
A puzzle box is a gateway to a hellish world ruled by a demon with a pincushion for a head.


25 October 2007

Jolly Bees

12 midnight.
Six rowdy kids of different ages ranging from 5-7.
One drunk grandfather.
They ordered food at Jollibee in Capitol.
One ordered burger.
Another fries.
And one chicken.
Coke! I want Coke!
The grandfather wanted to have them the burger and fries.
Plus Coke of course.
The crew waited.
We waited.
Finally grandpa ordered the kids to sit.
Sit babies or I will not offer you food.
The kids obeyed.
We were served later.
Much later.

Only if my grandfather was like that. How sweet.

24 October 2007

Sleepy Massage at Thewi Thai

Feeling the strain of the day's work, I decided to go to Thewi Thai Massage along Llorente Street. Liam was tagging along because we were not able to shop for fruits at Robinson's due to heavy rain. I wanted a one-hour back massage.

Thewi (angel daw in Thai) was flooded with customers despite the rain. The minty atmosphere for sure was a welcome respite. The moment you took a seat in the front desk area, a masseuse would readily gave you their standard slippers and offer you a cooling hot water foot wash.

Off I went to cubicle number 5.

While the masseuse was doing her job I noticed that she slept every once in a while during the massage. She would jolt out of sleep if someone passed by the cubicle. Funny. This young woman made so many bodies go to sleep soundly but she has to keep working without sleep. I could have made wild antics on her but I pitied her situation.

But the massage was still great. My back pain was relieved.

I gave her 100 pesos as tip and told her to go home and sleep.

She smiled like an angel.

23 October 2007

What to do when your neighbors' music are blaring while you were asleep

1. Get up slowly.
2. Go make coffee.
3. Breath.
4. Boot up your computer.
5. Play your Trance Music from the DVD drive, volume to the maximum level.
6. Login to Yahoo Messenger and tune in to your Top 10 radio station, volume still to the maximum level.
7. Turn on your stereo system. Find a rock station. Volume on full blast.
8. Sit down on your favorite couch.
9. Relax.
10. Drink your coffee.

Wow so early in the morning and I already have ten things done.

20 October 2007


If you want to see pictures taken after the Glorietta 2 bombing(?) in Makati please copy-paste the link below:

This is a gruesome act. Innocent lives were sacrificed for an unknown cause. Why should it be? Why don't you bombers and terrorists strap bombs all over your body and blow yourself to hell without claiming innocent people's lives?

Perpetrators should be hanged.


Authorities have declared it was not a bomb that exploded. Latest finding revealed it was gas explosion.

"Authorities are almost certain that Friday's explosion at a Manila shopping mall that killed 11 people and wounded more than 100 was unlikely to be caused by a bomb.

PNP Chief Director General Avelino Razon said facts and evidence gathered at the scene would support an accidental gas explosion, but not totally discarding the bomb blast.
" - Sun*Star Cebu



The Death Test

Somebody posted this Death Test and I took it for fun. I now have consumed 57% of my lifespan, the test told me. Dear dear dear. Does it mean I have to make my will now? It actually tells me I have 10964.5 days left on this earth starting today at this minute...

Why don't you try it too?


heart attack

Some more data from the test:


YOU DIE: 69.7 years

As you can plainly see, you have no more health and vitality than the average man.

56% heart attack
24% car accident
13% loneliness
5% drowning of the lungs
2% wounds

You have 10964.5 days left on this earth. You've already lived 57% of your life.





19 October 2007


An ugly foreigner (I can't tell what species he belonged to) asked me why I had two cups of rice on my plate. I told him I felt hungry.

And why rice, he insisted.

Irritated, I told him it will help feed my hunger.


And Filipinos eat dogs too. I have tried.

And sometimes Filipinos would like to try foreign looking aliens whatever their forms are.

He sat silently unable to eat his burger.

I was tempted to ask if I can have his burger. But no. I'm more civilized.

16 October 2007

Yucky Dimsum Break

I was busy at the printing press when the admin in-charge asked me to go with her to have lunch. It was past 12 so we went to Dimsum Break in Colon Area near Gaisano Main to have a quick lunch.

We ordered steamed rice and siomai.

I was busy texting when she started poking at her food. She asked me later if the thing she found in her food was stone or black pepper of something. Not minding her I told her to smell it. She did. Not satisfied, she cut it in half with her spoon. Out came a smelly surprise! It was SOMETHING!

We called the store supervisor. He had this unsa-naman-pod-ni look when he approached us. We informed him we found a RAT FECES on his food. He smiled and promptly got the food out of sight promising a bright future ahead. But no. My friend had her share of yuckky things already. She wanted refund. Of which they delightfully gave. (The supervisor later told us apologetically that the problem was in their rice used. Yeah right.)

We left Dimsum Break with a lunch broken and nursing a broken heart. I didn't even took a picture of that food. (Mahay)

So the rumor about a client of Dimsum Break in SM City Cebu happened to eat a worm (yeah you read it right- WORM) in his noodle soup might be true.

15 October 2007

One More Note on Aging

We wanted to be young all the time. We all do, admit it. I myself wanted to be, but my biological age tells me I’m no longer young. I am 39 getting 40 next February.

In fact, several enterprising companies make good money out of people’s desire to stay young. Vanity? Maybe. Maybe not. They say your face is the first to show signs of aging, so I’m using Nivea for Men Multi-Protecting Facial Foam. But my friend suggested that I INVEST! in a good moisturizer. Damn! It only means my Nivea is not effective!

Enough of my being old. I know that already. And so we go to the recommendations I read from Yahoo on how to stay young. The article is supposed to be from Deepak Chopra (you know him?). The article suggests-

If you want to slow down or even reverse these bio markers of aging, then practice one or more of the following:

1. Change your perception of time. Don't be in a hurry.
2. Get restful sleep.
3. Eat fresh, nutritious food.
4. Take at least two multivitamins with minerals every day.
5. Practice a mind body technique such as yoga or tai chi.
6. Exercise regularly.
7. Don't put toxins in your life, including toxic food, toxic emotions, toxic relationships, and avoid toxic environments or toxic relationships.
8. Have a flexible attitude to minor hassles.
9. Look at so-called problems as opportunities.
10. Nurture loving relationships.
11. Always have an attitude of curiosity, learning, and wonder and spend time with children.

I will do these things. I think. They are better and lots cheaper than moisturizers.

Read more:

Food Trip 2

Additional pics of the food we ate. Gutom ako bigla.

What's the difference between home-cooked food and fastfoods? Wala actually, except that you can see and be seen in those fastfood chains where we go. Nakakasawa na yung mga mukha ng mga tao sa bahay hahahaha. Yun lang. Attention-whore na ako.

Next time sex scandals na naman hahahahaha. (Cheap!)

Food Trip

I haven't been so hungry in my life. Just this one. So off I go with a friend on a food trippin'. Since I rarely eat real food, we decided to make it in two days. We went to Roma Mia. Sunburst Fried Chicken. Gloria Jean's. Chowking. Bo's Coffee Club. Funny I can't even recall the names of some of the food we ate. I had my fill...

10 October 2007

Attention-Whore Daw Ako

Someone told me that I write good (daw) and for me to be seen in the community of bloggers, I have to read other blogs and make comments. Visibility lang daw yun. Because I am an ATTENTION-WHORE!

What a word to describe myself. And he seems to enjoy his insults thrown right at my face. But being an advocate for world peace I just smiled.

For everyone's information (including you, of course) I write what I want because I WANT TO. Not because I wanted everyone to take notice of me. Otherwise if that is my sole purpose, I can always make sex scandals and post it in all my accounts. I think that's the CHEAPEST way to be known. Don't you think?

When you're bored and tired of bullshits in the guise of "friends" around you, all you've got is write blogs so they can't disturb you. And so they can also read what's on your mind. Assuming of course, they read my blogs too.

Now I know why beauty candidates always put World Peace in their answers.

World Peace, I thank you.

09 October 2007

The Problem with Lupang Hinirang

I saw this article by Lorenzo P. Niñal (Insoymada) of the Sun*Star Cebu dated October 9, 2007. I was truly amused at his wit and candor on the way our singers render their version of the Philippine National Anthem, which is of course almost always an embarrassment (either the singer is off-tune or makes a shorter version of the anthem). As he said, our national anthem is composed and supposed to be sang while marching and with a bolo in hand. Which got me to thinking: are our lawmakers creating the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines for real? Do they know what law are they making?

I decided to copy the whole article for your amusement.

Promise this won't be another Pacquiao-Barrera piece. A Pacquiao victory was so boring. In fact, the excitement in that match began and ended with the singing of the three national anthems, Mexico's, the US' and ours. And that's the reason I waited for the fight. I wanted to verify reports that our pop singers are lobbying for a shorter version of Lupang Hinirang, one that goes straight to "ang mamatay nang dahil sa 'yo" after the opening line.

But I was frustrated because RnB princess Kyla failed to do a Christian Bautista Part 2. It was a boxing match. I was in a mean mood. I wanted to see people drop dead at the ring, if not from killer punches, at least from embarrassment. I hear Pacquiao had orders from Malacañang to hit Kyla with a left if she missed a line.

Lupang Hinirang is one scary song to sing in front of a crowd. It's double the scare if some dork before you messed it up big time and an entire country is expecting you to correct the error. It's a difficult song to sing to begin with. You have to be in short pants to sing it well. Remember how we never missed a line of it during flag ceremonies in grade school? The song seems harder to sing as life gets more complicated.

But then maybe national anthems are really written to make life difficult for a nation's people. The Star-Spangled Banner is one difficult song to sing too, even more difficult than ours. The Star-Spangled has a range of one and a half octaves. That's hell for us, lovers of Lito Camo songs.

What songwriter in his right mind would want to write a song in that range and expect an entire nation to hit the high notes right, from the lowest "say" to the highest "free"? I read somewhere that the Star-Spangled was a poem set to the tune of a popular British drinking song. A drinking song! That probably explains it. But why would we want to sing Star-Spangled, anyway?

And the Himno Nacional Mexicano, well, Marco Antonio Barrera lost. The lyrics, which allude to Mexican victories in battle and cries of defending the homeland, failed to give Barrera a glorious career exit. Let's leave it at that.

What about our national anthem? It's a marching hymn. Julian Felipe's composition was called "Marcha Nacional Filipina." He composed it for the bolo-wielding revolutionaries and gallant generals marching in victory. That's the reason it was set to the original 2/2 time signature, which is ideal for marching. For marching, not for singing, because the lyrics came only after more than a year.

Now our singers, whenever they perform the song solo, are expected to sing it the pop way using the friendly 4/4 time signature. It's where the problem lies. How do you sing a song whose music was actually for marching?

And there's our Constitution to consider. Republic Act 8491, or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, specifies that Lupang Hinirang "shall be in accordance with the musical arrangement and composition of Julian Felipe."

Literally, this means our national anthem should only be performed by a pianist or by a brass band, as these were the only versions that were produced by Felipe. Maybe it's the only way to do it right.

Which got me to thinking: If Christian Bautista was marching in military fashion, with bolo in hand, when he sang Lupang Hinirang, he wouldn't have probably missed it.


Speaking of Kasungitan

Maybe I am the only masungit around.

We were walking around Cebu and we saw a group of military men (in black camouflage) also "walking" around town. Military visibility? Maybe because Cebu is getting hazardous to the mind and body nowadays. (Imagine yourself having a good time at the sidewalk, strumming a guitar, friends around singing AND SUDDENLY motorcycle-riding hooligans fires a live bullet at you. You are so DEAD for no reason at all. Because you were at the sidewalk at the wrong time? Damn!)

Anyways, back to the camouflaged military men. They are the most agile group almost cat-like. They walk around silently. And they are the sweetest of men. They would greet you, Good evening sir. How are you sir? Wow! That's quite impressive. If only all military men are like that.

Which brings me back to our tour at Rajah Sikatuna National Park. We also met camouflaged men there complete with firearms. They should humiliate us just with their firearms but they were the most helpful of men, magalang and very gentlemanly even with men.

MAYBE THE POLICE FORCE SHOULD CHANGE THEIR IMAGE and make gaya-gaya with these military men...

(Of course they are not the usual policemen. Policemen are masungit like me. (Or so I thought I was the only masungit around.) Maybe I should be a police too hahahaha. Foolish of me.)

Lazy but Busy

I had a great weekend. Sleep. Eat. Drink coffee. And beer. Lakwatsa to the max. As if no work is waiting for me.

Now that the week is over I am suddenly caught cramming my jobs together. And my mind is blank. The terrible headache is back again. I am masungit, irritable, what-have-you.


06 October 2007

Children of the Revolution

I am fond of children. They are the most honest of all people. More honest than others, I believe. So with the recent technological updates, I am more than glad I had my Sony Ericsson W810i with me every time, any time, any where so I can shoot children at their most "honest" situations. These are some of them.
(More pics with explanation at

05 October 2007

The Case of an Adult Site Membership

I opened my emails this morning and received this letter from my yahoogroup:

Dearest ____ Moderator,


My son is very much addicted with your site who is just 14 years old. I would like to ask you to cancell his membership meaning he could not receive any pics or videos from your site. I'm concern about it because he is very negligent in his studies and he is very young involving this kind of activity and I found out that he always browse your site. I'm not blaming anybody but my son. So I hope you'll take good consideration on this matter.

Thank you!

With gratitude, Concerned Mom


At first it was kinda funny because no son at his right mind would ever tell a mother that he is a member of an adult site much more give his account name and password. Unless of course if mothers are getting nosy these days. (Who knows?)

But considering the age of the member (14?) I think an adult supervision is needed in fact. And moderators can't be blamed in this case because the group will always ask if an applying member is of legal age (because of adult content). Well- mom is not blaming the moderators but her son.

Moderators dilemma: Is mom real? Should the member be unsubscribed?

04 October 2007

'Desperate Housewives' apology over Philippines slur

MANILA (AFP) - Makers of hit US television series "Desperate Housewives" have apologised for a slur against Filipino medical workers that caused an uproar in the Southeast Asian country.

The apology was sent to Philippine broadcaster ABS-CBN's bureau in the United States and aired in the Philippines on Thursday following protests by the Manila government.

"The producers of 'Desperate Housewives' and ABC Studios offer our sincere apologies for any offense caused by the brief reference in the season premiere," cable news channnel ANC quoted the statement as saying.

"There was no intent to disparage the integrity of any aspect of the medical community in the Philippines," it said.

The episode showed actress Teri Hatcher, who plays Susan Mayer, asking during a medical consultation to check "those diplomas because I want to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Philippines."

The apology was made a day after chief aide to Philippine President Gloria Arroyo said the line of dialogue appeared to be a "racial slur."

Philippine Senators said the apology was not enough, and urged their Foreign Affairs Department to lodge a formal protest with the US government.

"I am mortally offended by the statement because it betrayed the racial prejudice and denigrates the excellent performance of world-class Filipino doctors in the US," said Senator Miriam Santiago, whose sister is a doctor working in Los Angeles.

From Yahoo!Asia News
Kung sino pa ang nagsabing ang mga Intsik ang nag-imbento ng pangungurakot ay sya pang nagsabing "mortally offended."


03 October 2007

Desperate Housewives or DESPERATE Filipinos?

The Filipino race is a queer race (the real meaning of the word; not the gay definition or else I will be talking about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy hahahaha). Palagi tayong gumagawa ng kababalaghan. At pang-international pa. Tapos kung may mga opinion ang mga programang pinapanood natin aalsa din naman tayo at BAN KAAGAD ANG HUSGA. Defensive tayo palagi. REACTIVE! Hindi pro-active. Mga kapalpakan natin...

NURSING EXAMS LEAKAGE (Yun lang ba yun? If there are leakages in the Nursing exams, how much more the others? Hmmm bagong balita ba yan? Admit it. You know.)

BENTAHAN NG DIPLOMA/TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS (Kahit sarili pa nga binebenta!)

NBN-ZTE DEAL (As if bago lang to ah! Same deals, new transactions.)

SABIHING "CHINA INVENTS CORRUPTION" PERO TAYO RIN ANG CORRUPT! Tapos mag-apologize kasi Chinese rin naman ang asawa.

Worst of ALL, may ebidensya tayo sa mga kapalpakang ito!

Do we know what is an OPINION?


We are so deep a nation or a race. We are DEEP in shit. Tapos magalit pa tayo. Pwe!

(Funny the subtitle of Desperate Housewives says: EVERYONE HAS A LITTLE DIRTY LAUNDRY.) Pati ako daldal ng daldal at naglalaba na rin ng dirty linens in public. Pwe!

From dirt you shall return

I hate the rainy days because the season gets me muddy all the time. With my obsessive-compulsive attitude towards cleanliness, getting my feet or shoes dirty is like stealing from a bank! You know what I mean?

Worst, I happened to travel to Carbon area from time to time. Actually, the jeepney I have to take always travel through that route. From the passenger's seat I can't help but shiver at the thought of dirt clinging in my shoes. Yuck.

When it's rainy, all I wish to do is sleep in the comfort of my bed.