Search and You Shall Find in My World

15 November 2006


God rewards us in many ways. I went to the office with barely P15 in hand but I survived the day!

>I still have P3 in my pocket. A change from the P15 I had.

>The office offers free coffee and free ice-cold water. My life was made complete!

>I did not have lunch but officemates shared with me their food. I did not eat though for diet reasons. And I maintained my weight!

>An officemate went out of the office during break time and brought back kornik and green peas. I had a light snack. And still maintaining my weight!

>I had the chance of contacting friends and making new ones through the internet, free of charge. Life indeed, is good.

>When it was time to go home, an officemate gave me P15 for the fare he used to borrow from me.

>Upon going out, another officemate offered his car for all of us to ride home. Another P15 saved for fare tomorrow.

>I had a bad headache, but home is so silent it was a relief.

>I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Insha’allah. Isn’t life wonderful?