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26 May 2008

Another Heckling by The Professional Heckler

I have a good laugh when I read this version of The Professional Heckler. Enjoy Catholics...

Marikina Priest vs. Sex, Homosexuality

In an article posted on the website of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, Marikina parish priest Ric Equia said the Internet is full of sex and homosexuality because it has been “penetrated” by Satan – which makes the priest understandably envious. Unlike the devil, he couldn’t “penetrate.”

Marikina Priest vs. Sex, Homosexuality II

In an article posted on the CBCP website, Marikina parish priest Ric Equia said the Internet is full of sex and homosexuality because it has been “penetrated” by Satan. If Equia views homosexuality or sex as evil, then someone must tell him that he is a product of his parents’ demonic act.

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25 May 2008

Text Scams- Beware!

I've heard people at the printing press that somebody texted them and asked them for a load. Thinking they knew the person or feeling an opportunity of some kind coming in, they readily gave in.

I just could not understand this. I find this ridiculous. I mean, why on earth should I be giving my few pesos to a person I didn't even know? How on earth should a sane person not notice the scam?

Just this morning when I thought everything will be all right, I heard my mobile phone vibrate. Of all messages this came in:

0915-234-5347: hon d2 ka nalang reply or call asap mahalaga sasabihen ko sayo send ka load 100pesos last txt na e2

So now I am part of his/her/it network huh.

And wait, if you also received this, don't you ever ask yourself why the message? I don't know somebody calling me HON, so the it was wrong on this. I did not text somebody anybody this morning because I just woke up. The it was wrong again. I am a Bisaya, the it was texting me in Taglish. The it miss that too.

So why not notice the scam?

More cellphone scams are created everyday, so beware. More read by thecellfreak on scams, click here.

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Quotable Quote from Atty John Vistal

The problem with many Filipinos, especially the upper middle class, is that they expect to be waited upon everywhere they go, thinking that even the last taxi stand attendant is obliged to walk them to the parking lot with an umbrella because it's raining.

-Atty John Vistal, caught in a heavy downpour at SM City Cebu yesterday

23 May 2008

Are You Guys With Big Dicks Happy?

The following article is copied from It is worth the read. Some readers (if there are) may find this article ridiculous and nasty but majority claimed this is a helpful view of the world of the well-endowed.

Let's buckle up...

Is Being Well Hung the Key to Happiness?

Some guys never seem to worry. The reason for that is probably in their pants.

-By Ian Daly

Can being well-endowed really help you smile through life's shortfalls? Reveal your opinions in the comment section.

Things were not looking good for Josh (not his real name). He had lost all the money he'd made as a day trader. To make matters worse, his longtime girlfriend walked out on him, taking all the furniture and whatever else she could carry. By any measure, it was rock bottom. But when Josh's friends mobilized the rescue crew, they were astounded: Josh appeared to be totally unfazed.

"He didn't care!" says Josh's best friend, Steve (not his real name), a 35-year-old hedge-fund manager who worked with him on Wall Street. "He shrugged it off. It would have killed a lesser man." But Steve knew his friend's nonchalance wasn't due to some elaborate form of self-hypnosis or handfuls of Wellbutrin. Josh owed his composure to something far simpler: nine inches of the most primal form of self-assurance known to man.

"If it weren't for his cock, he'd be a hobo riding the trains around the country," Steve says. "It's opened doors for him. Rich women put him up at their apartments. We have friends who have more money than him and are more successful than him, but they all say, 'I want to come back as this guy.' Secretly, we all want to be him."

Does it really come down to this? Millions of years of evolution culminating in a highly advanced society whose members are adept at evaluating worth on the basis of intelligence, compassion, creativity—or even money—and it turns out our core psychology is still governed by the length of our reproductive organs?

"Are you kidding me?" says Josh (who's 33 now and has started over as a physical therapist). "That's basically my philosophy on life! Whenever it gets bad, I'm like, 'Hey, I got the one good thing!' My ex-girlfriend called it BDS—Big Dick Syndrome. It was hard to even have an argument, because I'd just be like, 'Whatever.' It's an ego thing. Because when it comes down to men, I mean, really, what else is there?"

This is obviously not a popular notion among sex therapists, who tend to be of the opinion that "it's what you do with it that counts." But such reassurances are all but inaudible amid the phallocentric babble that permeates our post—Sex and the City dating landscape.

"Size matters only if you let it matter," says psychologist and advice columnist Dr. Joyce Brothers. The thing is, a lot of us are letting it matter—and not just within the confines of the bedroom but as the unspoken arbiter of our confidence. It turns out we've been doing this for a very long time. According to a 2006 report by the British Journal of Urology International, there is evidence that "prehistoric cave dwellers attributed the symbolic values of strength and power to penile size, as well as those of virility and fertility." And some anthropological-minded observers confirm what none of us likely want to hear—that Josh isn't lost in some fun-house mirror-land of his own personal delusion. He's enjoying the satisfaction that comes from living in a world that has made him its king.

"It's part and parcel of the whole thing about male size and power," says Dr. David D. Gilmore, cultural anthropologist and author of Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity. "I mean, look— the big man is attractive to other men and to women. He's admired. Big, strong men stand out, and the penis is a symbol of bigness, of strength, of mastery." In ancient Greece, Gilmore says, a big penis was actually considered vulgar—irrelevant, even detrimental, to the proportional athletic ideal. But it's not uncommon for Mediterranean mothers to kiss their babies' penises and say, "Grow, grow, grow!" And if size weren't the very fulcrum of even the most sophisticated and accomplished male egos, why would F. Scott Fitzgerald ask Hemingway to take a look at his apparently not-so-great Gatsby in the bathroom of the Brasserie l'Escorailles? For that matter, how did a guy like Milton Berle score with Marilyn Monroe?

The answer is unsettling. The title, the diploma, the Raymond Weil. The Danish lingerie model. What are these compared with the ultimate eugenic advantage? Penis size is the final word—the argument ender, the longest straw.

Figures vary, but the generally accepted average length for an erect penis is somewhere between 5 and 5.9 inches. A 2002 study conducted by the International Journal of Impotence Research found that most men seeking penile-lengthening procedures actually have normal-size penises. And, according to the British Journal of Urology International report, while 85 percent of women polled said they were just fine with their partner's size, only 55 percent of the men were satisfied with their own measurements.

Trying to draw a quantifiable link between penis size and the male psyche is a complicated endeavor, which is why scientific research is scant. But Trojan, manufacturer of Magnum-brand condoms, has been filling in the gaps—conducting studies to determine the psychology of its ostensibly more gifted clientele. "They claim to be very spontaneous and very assertive," says Trojan's vice president of marketing, Jim Daniels.

But Daniels divulges a potentially devastating secret: The Magnum isn't any larger than Trojan's other condoms. Its comfortable fit is due to an innovative "baseball bat" shape. The length and circumference are identical to those of other lines. Only the XL variety is larger—by 30 percent—and that's only required by about 6 percent of the male population. "You've got the image of the package—it's premium; it's gold foil," Daniels says. "And what guy doesn't want to think that he can handle a Magnum condom? There's a certain machismo involved."

Sound familiar? It should. Because human behavior will always be subject to the same social dynamics that played out at elementary-school—and penis size is no exception. Short men have Napoleon complexes. Coworkers still ridicule each other about their shirts. And successful young businessmen aren't above shoving it in your face—sometimes literally. Take G.C., for instance, a 31-year-old New Yorker who works in finance who taunted his pals one night after a few too many drinks by pressing his 8 1/4-inch member against the window outside a house party in the Hamptons—and knocking on the glass to get the partygoers' attention.

"Everybody got a kick out of it," he says. "There were guys and girls around. They were just like, 'Dude, put the fucking hammer away.'" Apart from occasional drunken exhibitionism, G.C. says he makes it a rule never to mention his good fortune in conversation. But he also suspects it's spurred him to act in ways that the less gifted might not contemplate—like the time a girl brought him home only to find out she didn't have large enough condoms. When G.C. went out to get some, he stopped off for a cheeseburger before he got back to business (and no, he didn't get one for her).

"Nothing really bothers me," G.C. says, "because everything kind of comes back to that. No matter what happens, I got a major fucking plus in my pants—know what I mean? It's the one constant factor."

In the far-right margin of the size curve, though—where only animelike proportions reside—being well endowed can be much more than a mere "constant factor." It can be an all-out magical power. Jonah Falcon, 37, a cable-television host in New York who's gained worldwide recognition for his 13 1/2-inch length, attributes losing his virginity at the age of 10 (with a woman eight years his senior) to nothing more complicated than his size. He has also observed something far more miraculous: So great is man's obsession with size, such are the power and mysticism radiated by a superlative specimen, that some are willing to compromise their sexuality just to get close to it.

"I've seen straight guys that turn gay around me," says Falcon, who is bisexual.

Falcon offers this reassurance to the 99.999999 percent of men who may be intimidated by his terrestrial presence: This gift has not been a panacea. Some insecurities don't just disappear with the wave of a magical 13 1/2-inch wand. His bounty has not, for instance, made Falcon feel any better about his weight. "I'm endomorphic, so I have to work out all the time," he says. "I can't always take off my pants, you know. Sometimes I just want to feel good about taking off my shirt." It's nice to know there's still some truth to the one about life's not being fair.

If it were fair, you would be getting more ass than Ron Jeremy.

22 May 2008

It's Mad TV! And I'm Open For Donations

Everyone is texting me that two Davids are on American Idol. David who? They tell me to watch American Idol! Whew! I don't even know the local stars in the country much more Americans. I rarely even watch YouTube even if Mariah Carey mentioned it in her song. (I don't like Mariah too!)

The real problem- I don't have TV!

Can anyone donate one to me?

The TV you've seen here is courtesy of

I hate spams and spammers!

I got irritated by my yahoogroup because most of the members there believed in what was sent as spam. And they are blocking important messages for the group. I even cannot send my messages maybe due to this fact.

One obvious spam goes like this-

This is Yahoo President Anna Rubenecia, I am sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million. If you would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on your list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts we can delete. Send this within 8 days and your account will remain free. Once again I am sincerely sorry that I have to do this. Please start sending. Jay Russell, Yahoo Management kane & korn: WHOEVER DOESN'T SEND THIS MESSAGE YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DEACTIVATED AND IT WILL COST $10.00 A MONTH TO USE IT! TO SEND 2 EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST, RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR GROUP DO NOT DELETE.

I have to lecture to the group the basics of spamming. From the message itself one can readily judge (I know, you cannot judge the book if you are not a judge!) that this is pure spam. If they have time to send spams, maybe they also have time to research who is the President of Yahoo! and verify themselves if what they were sending were true.

And the message above is fallacious just by introducing herself as President. Yahoo!'s President is Susan Decker. Follow this link to see Yahoo!'s Management Team.


For more info on how spammers get into your inbox, a nice read from Can Talk Tech blog will make you in the know: File Attachments Spammers Use To Infiltrate Your Inbox.

21 May 2008

Weird Rape Cases in the Philippines

If Ramon Tulfo were to be believed, these cases I copied in toto from his column at the Philippine Daily Inquirer's website are one of the weirdest legal cases in the world.


The Court of Appeals’ dismissal of a rape case against a teenage boy on account of his being a minor sends chills down the spine of parents who have daughters.

The boy, who was 13 at the time, was charged with raping a 6-year-old girl.

But the appellate court said he should not be charged since the Juvenile Justice and Welfare System Law of 2006 says that persons 15 years old and below cannot be charged in court.

If my granddaughter was raped by a 15-year-old boy and I see the boy going scot-free for his crime, I would take the law into my own hands.

I’m sure many parents and grandparents feel the same way I do.

* * *

The Court of Appeals sides with a 13-year-old rapist, but it has affirmed the conviction of a complete paralytic who was charged with rape.

The paralytic I’m referring to is Ronald “Jeff” Quesada, who can’t even go to the toilet without being bodily carried by two persons.

What kind of logic do those honorable justices of the Court of Appeals have?

* * *

I’m trying to look for the ramp model who was allegedly raped by a Luzon congressman on the campaign trail during the 2004 elections.

The model was allegedly a member of a bevy of beauties hired by the congressman to campaign for him.

I was told that the model was given a huge amount and promised more in a second tranche so she would not file charges.

Perhaps I can convince the model to press rape charges against the congressman since I was told that the promised second tranche has not been given.

On second thought, why should I do the convincing since even her boyfriend could not persuade her to file the rape case?


I would love to include a case I heard in the news long time ago about a security guard who filed a rape case against a fellow guard in Baguio City. But I can't find it anymore.

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Rest in Peace, Sir Crispin Beltran

Anakpawis partylist representative Crispin Beltran died yesterday due to severe head injuries after a bad fall.

Mr. Beltran lived a colorful political life. He was a member of the 13th Congress of the Philippines and was imprisoned on rebellion and sedition charges. He was a staunch critic of President GMA.

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20 May 2008

The Different Faces of the Day

Early morning in Batuan, Bohol

Noontime somewhere between Cebu and Bohol inside Weesam Express

Rainy late afternoon in Cebu

Dennis Padilla Forced Me

Yeah. I actually snubbed him. I refused to have my picture taken with him. I don't want my face to be seen in public with him or any other stars. But he forced me to. In fact he give me a forceful hug of his left hand so I could stay near him as cameras clicked. I forced myself to smile.


I believe in taxicab drivers, mostly

Taxicab drivers are full of unsolicited information, just like barbers. They amuse me everytime with their opinion on the current issues I never knew was there. Except of course those crooks who have nothing to do but make your travel a little bit out of the way to gain a few pesos more.

With varied opinions and other information, I usually splurge the driver with an additional P20 more to their delight.

I asked one happy cabbie about the current rice crisis (so they say). His answer-

"Wala naman talagang rice crisis na yan. Pumipila lang ang mga tao sa NFA rice kasi yun lang ang mura. Dami namang bigas dyan sa mga malls ah. Kaso lang di namin kaya ang presyo. Gumawa lang ng isyu yang GMA na yan para mawala ang GTZ scandal nila. Sadyang pinataas ang presyo para maiba ang tinutukan ng masa. O tingnan mo, wala na sa headlines ang crisis na yan. Ginawa lang tayong mga uto-uto."

I just smiled. We don't buy rice in the market. We have our own supply.

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Domestic Squabbles Again

When you have been traveling and working for 10 hours a day, all you want is a quiet, nice and clean room to rest. But everytime I go home this is not the case.

I have been harsh and hoarse from nagging about cleanliness to no avail. Now when someone reads this- I will be the bad person I've become.

(And indeed! An anonymous comment made my prediction come true. Please read the comments posted here.)

12 May 2008

The End is Near

Death toll in China earthquake rises to 8,533
A massive earthquake struck central China on Monday, killing more than 8,500 people, trapping nearly 900 students under the rubble of their school and spilling ammonia from a chemical plant, state media reported.

Figures worsen for Myanmar disaster
The latest UN estimates for the cyclone disaster in Myanmar suggest up to one point nine million people are struggling to survive its aftermath, and 220 thousand people are missing over a week after the storm. While these figures have leapt up, there is no corresponding upping of the pace of the rescue effort. Water queues get longer, when there is any water to queue for, and it is the same for food and shelter. Some families are struggling on a cup of a rice a day, with many giving all they have to their children.

Killer tornado rips through three US states
Stunned tornado survivors picked through what was left of their homes after storms smashed through three US states, killing 22 people.

Conrado de Quiros: Defending God
They (refering to Couples of Christ) want to defend the Church from the forces that seek to destroy or weaken it, they should hang themselves and their bishop friends for good measure. They're the ones who are destroying and weakening the Church by their misdeeds. The only cardinals in the Vatican they truly know are named Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. Chief of them Envy. The Foundation for Family and Life is conceiving things that unfold the fullness of Creation, it is not aborting things to reveal only the blackness of the soul.

Edik Dolotina being seen inside the Santo Niño Cathedral!

Rainy Days and Mondays... Again

Mondays always bring me the blues, especially when lotsa work are left unfinished. But not when there is rain. Like a frog (as I insisted on my blogs about rainy days) I love to go hippity hop around town. The rain always gives me a renewed spirit and makes me see things awashed in its new glory.

My encounters today-

  • Two bubbly kids hitching a ride on my jeep towards downtown Cebu makes me laugh. To compensate a free ride, they act as barkers for the jeep, sometimes jumbling the route of the jeep. My fellow passengers are also entertained by their stories of notoriety by people they know. Such lovely kids.
  • Two women waiting for the traffic lights to go green are all smiles because the wind turned their umbrellas awry and their skirts askew. They don't know which one is a priority, the skirt or the umbrella. And they just make a hearty smile about the dilemma.
  • A habal-habal driver offering me a ride so I won't get wet- for free. No, thanks Mr Driver, I am just doing fine getting wet.
  • A text message asking me for a quickie to make the day hot. Damn! Of all times! Just when I am on a business errand, they ask for quickies. But when I am alone and lonely nobody cares. Well I am not horny so thank you.
  • A hot coffee offered at the printing press, err I ask for it hehehe.
Who says rainy days and Mondays make you down? Only Karen Carpenter and she's dead, God bless her soul.

05 May 2008

Passport Woes: Another Source of Corruption in the Philippines

The Philippine government insisted that passports should now be machine-readable and promised that Filipinos will be having a fast and easy use of it.

And now this happens.

Passport system causing visa applicants, travel agents headaches

The new but allegedly deficient "machine readable" passports (MRPs) being issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) are reportedly causing more difficulties for the thousands of Filipinos seeking visa to the United States.

Travel industry sources told The STAR that the absence of certain security and anti-fraudulent passport features in the MRPs has caused the US embassy to add a documentary requirement in the already exacting visa application process that has to be undergone by Filipinos wanting to travel to the US.

The source said the US embassy is now looking for the filled up application form submitted by Filipino citizens when they secured their passports.

"They look for a certified true copy of your passport application form," the source said.

The additional requirement means that the one seeking US visa will have to go back to the DFA just to get the certified true copy of the passport.

A P100 charge is reportedly being collected to get the certified copy, the source said.

US visa applicants who have no money to pay for travel agents do not have a choice but to get the form themselves, according to the source.

The source said that the US embassy had added the requirement to have an access to a visa applicant's thumbprints and specimen signatures that are all present in the Philippine passport application form.

These information, the source said, are absent in the new MRPs.

It will be recalled that the machine readable passports being issued by the DFA since last year have been alleged to carry poor security features that make them vulnerable to "complete reproduction" by unscrupulous groups engaging in human trafficking and therefore non-compliant with security standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Aside from the poor security of the MRPs, there is also reportedly a lack of computer interconnectivity between the DFA and the Bureau of Immigration at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport that could make possible a real-time authentication of the machine-readable passports.

- Rainier Allan Ronda/Philstar

Pic from

03 May 2008

Chocolate Hills back in the race for New 7 Wonders of Nature

From Cebu Daily News

BOHOL’S famed Chocolate Hills is back in the running to become one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature after contest organizers took it out from the final list of nominees two weeks ago.

Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado said the Chocolate Hills was put back in the list by the New 7 Wonders of Nature (N7W), a non-government organization, which launched the search, after he complied with the contest’s final requirement, which was to set up an official support committee for Bohol's natural wonder.

Aumentado appointed the Bohol Provincial Tourism Council as the official nominator of the Chocolate Hills as a requirements of the N7W.

The NGO also required a commitment of support from the local government unit (LGU).

Aumentado said the LGU support group would organize a global working committee which would support Chocolate Hills to be part of the new seven wonders of nature.

“They (N7W) had restored Chocolate Hills and the previous votes were still counted after we complied with everything (requirements),” Aumentado said.

The Chocolate Hills consist of at least 1,268 domed limestone hills that turn brown under the summer sun and are spread in the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan, Bohol.

The hills measuring 30 to 50 meters high have already been considered as among the National Geological Monuments of the country because of its scientific value and geographical uniqueness.

Aumentado said he appreciated the support from the Cebu provincial government and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“It would be an honor for Bohol if Chocolate Hills could make it to the top of the seven wonders list. Not only will it promote Bohol's tourism industry but also the Philippines,” Aumentado said.

The nomination, according to the governor, can also promote the country as a favorite eco-tourism destination in the world.

Cebu Provincial Board Member Victor Maambong asked the Cebuanos to cast their votes for the Chocolate Hills.

He said it would be a source of pride and a boost to local tourism if the Chocolate Hills were to become one of the seven wonders of the world.

“It is not only a (source of) national pride but (it will) also (boost) the prospect of promoting eco-tourism in the country...,” said Maambong in a draft resolution that will be submitted to the PB session on Monday.

If approved, Maambong wanted copies of his resolution sent to all the barangays in the province and the Department of Tourism.

Aside from the Chocolate Hills, Maambong said the Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea and the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan also deserve the Cebuanos’ support.

The reef is a Unesco World Heritage Site because of its globally renowned bio-diversity. Its two atolls lie on the Cagayan ridge and encompasses roughly 100,000 hectares of corals and over a thousand species of marine life.

In the initial results of the online polls for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Tubbataha Reef ranked 7th place while the Chocolate Hills was 9th. The Puerto Princesa Underground River was number 20.

The need to massively campaign on the local destinations especially the Chocolate Hills was also among the concerns discussed in a local security meeting called by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the Malacañang sa Sugbu during her visit last Monday.

Those who wants to cast their votes for the Philippine's entries can log on to

“It is fitting that we encourage and exhort all Cebuanos to cast their votes for the new seven wonders of nature in the world,” said Maambong in his draft resolution.

Pilipinas Baga'g Naw'ng

What a shame. What a SHAME!
RP in media slay 'shame list'

UNITED NATIONS - The Philippines is one of 13 countries that are the worst offenders in letting killers of journalists get away with murder, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

"We are hoping governments are embarrassed to be on the list" and will take action, said Joel Simon, the committee's executive director.

Simon said the countries on the list have law enforcement institutions but generally lack the political will to go after the killers of journalists.

The committee said governments in the 13 countries - from war-torn Iraq and Somalia to peaceful democracies including Mexico, Russia and India - have consistently failed to solve murders where journalists were targeted from 1998 through 2007.

There are at least 199 unsolved murders in these countries during that 10-year period. Twenty-four of these cases are in the Philippines. The other unsolved murders number 79 in Iraq, at least 20 in Colombia, 14 in Russia, nine in Sierra Leone, eight in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan, seven in Afghanistan and Mexico, and five in Somalia, Nepal and India.

"This is a naming and shaming exercise," Prof. Sheila Coronel, the Filipina director of the Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism of the Columbia University Journalism School, said at a news conference of the launching of the new Impunity Index at the UN headquarters Wednesday.

The new index was released by the committee in advance of World Press Freedom Day on Saturday.

Poster from PSNA

Getting Rid of Nonsense Graffiti

If only our local government units and other groups (to include non-governmental organizations) were creative enough to have an activity like this, I think graffiti and other nonsense writing on newly painted walls would be lessened if not eradicated.

See the full poster here.

That Was A Feast

Despite the claims of government officials that we have a rice crisis, we actually can buy as much rice as our money can buy, if you have the money. Is it RICE CRISES or MONEY CRISES? Hayyy so many things are now being invented by the government to cover-up its inefficiency and the obviously obvious corruption.

Despite with that fact, we go on feasting (attention Bohol fiestas) and buying things other people can't buy. Look around, even Carbon market is busy with the haggling and business is alive and well.

Speaking of feast, I had a great lunch the other week with my housemates. Our feast consisted of red rice, steamed okra with bagoong, isda pinaksiw style with vegetables and a bottle of ice-cold Coke was consumed heartily!

I have to burp many times.

Excuse me.