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17 January 2011

Again, beer is good!

Moderate drinking of beer, like a pint a day, keeps the doctors away, according to Spanish researchers. In case you want to justify your drunkenness- Moderate means once or twice a day, Pint means 2 cups of that liquid only.

But- yes, there is a BUT. Read on-

A pint of beer a day keeps the doctor away by Richard Alleyne, The Telegraph 
Moderate drinking of ale and lager can cut the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and even help people lose weight, doctors say.
The Spanish researchers suggest combining beer with exercise and a healthy Mediterranean diet high in fish, fruit and vegetables and olive oil.
Beer contains folic acid, vitamins, iron and calcium and has the same health benefits already attributed to moderate wine drinking, researchers found.
And they blamed fatty foods like chips, a lack of exercise and binge drinking for beer bellies in Britain.
Dr Ramon Estruch, the lead researcher, said: “Moderate beer consumption is associated with nutritional and health benefits.

Picture grabbed from TriBeCa

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