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27 December 2011

Bad experience at Mang Inasal 138 Mall

UPDATE 2: WAY TO GO MANG INASAL! After sending them my complaint thru email, Mang Inasal responded through my phone (Sorry, Ms. Edna, I wasn't able to take your call) by calling me, I missed that, and by texting me. That was a less than 24-hours reply.

The text message said: Hi Sir Edik, good day! This is Edna, (Customer Service Officer of Mang Inasal). In behalf of Mang Inasal Team, I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you had experience from our branch at Mang Inasal 138 Mall Cebu City. Our Customer Satisfaction Team is reviewing the information you sent us and will further evaluate your concern in order to resolve this matter fairly. Hoping that you will allow us to call you at your most convenient time and for us to express our heartfelt apology. Again we highly appreciate your feedback for this will help us in becoming better at what we do. Thank you very much.

UPDATE 1: I already sent my email to Mang Inasal through their website, enclosing this link and the pic of the receipt from them. Let us see if they would reply. Unlike Rai Rai Ken.

I've been a regular customer of Mang Inasal at their 138 Mall, Colon St., Cebu City branch. Their chicken inasal is actually good, tender and juicy.

When I went there at lunchtime with my officemates, we ordered our favorites, their paborito meals (PM) which came with an unlimited supply of rice. We preferred tap water today but I insisted on regular Coke because I wanted to wash the chicken taste I have accumulated during the holidays. 

I saw on their billboard that a 12oz Coke, Spite and Royal softdrinks cost only 19 pesos.

With our orders done and served, I saw on their receipt that the 12oz Coke was charged 25 pesos despite the billboard's and their website's claim that it was only 19 pesos! I asked their waiters and confirmed that indeed, a 12oz Coke is only 19 pesos.

Now I have an evidence that indeed they were cheating on me. The Coke was refunded but not the Sprite. See?
After eating, I asked my teller why she was charging me 6 pesos more. She replied she told me that there was a 19 pesos 12oz softdrink available. But what they were charging me was 25 pesos for a 12oz and not more! She called up the manager who furiously punch the machine so they could give me back what they cheated on me. I told him they should change this style because they are cheating their customers right in the face. 

I only received a cold stare like I was caught shoplifting from their store.

Operated by: T.C.R.H. 
TIN: 233-530437-001 VAT
Server: Anne Station: 2
Ticket # 97


19 pesos is 19 pesos and not 25 pesos. To an ordinary Filipino, 6 pesos overcharge is already a big deal! That's already a jeepney or tricycle fare.


Customer Service Excellence said...

What they need is customer service excellence. what a pity, considering they are starting to become a pinoy favorite.

Edik said...

In fairness to Mang Inasal, they have tried to make amends after that incident. But I haven't been back to that branch or any Mang Inasal branches since that experience.

Customer service is what Filipinos need to practice and should be perfected if we insist on claiming "it's more fun in the Philippines."

Adventures on Planet Mom said...

I agree that customer service is not their strongest. The crew is unprofessional. We were there earlier at their pasay branch. We sat on an unoccupied table and a good 5 min after they made it us transfer because the table is said to be reserved. There was no sign whatsoever that there is a 1230 reservation and they insisted that we vacate the place. Not once did i hear any apology from them. Im never coming back.

Which email did u send the complaint to btw? Id like to file a formal complaint.

Edik said...

Adventures on Planet Mom: that was so rude of them! You should email them here-