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11 November 2008

Service Guaranteed at UniSpa Zamboanga

When my friend asked me to accompany him to Zamboanga for a brief respite from the urban jungle, I readily accepted the challenge. Challenge because that place has the reputation of being unsafe. Bombings, kidnappings and other Muslim-related issues abound Zamboanga. I know Zamboangue├▒os are crazily mad about the tag. They hate it when some kidnappings occur someplace else and reports would always based them in Zamboanga. Poor them.

Anyways, off we go and we literally walk the place. From our hotel, we walk downtown. We walk to Fort Pilar and Museum. We walk to the Boulevard. We could have walked the road going to the Yakan Village (which is not what I expect it to be) but a standby might have seen my dirty feet so he told us to ride the jeep going to Ayala so we could get to that village safe and okay.

That walking would leave us dead tired in the evenings. And while walking to our hotel we pass by this small sign offering "Wellness made affordable." Isn't that inviting enough? We decided to try.

UniSpa (telephone 062-990-2071) is just a small space at the third floor of Perlita Hotel along Jaldon Street. When we got there, Muslim ladies crowded the elevator door. They might have attended a conference at the hotel. As if the walking was never enough, we took the stairs to the third floor. I was literally dripping wet  when we arrived at the UniSpa. 

A very sweet lady attended us at the front office. She was so sweet I could not forget her face but my gosh, I forgot her name! She made us feel comfortable despite of the fact that there were no massuers around. She has to call them up. Knowing it would take time, we decided to return.

Refreshed, we came back. The masseuse were already there but UniSpa is a same-sex massage center so we still waited for the masseurs to come. The sweet girl at the frontdesk (Letlet? Netnet? hayyy I really forgot!) made us feel relaxed. Her voice is enough to make us sit back, relax and wait. She offered us tea.

When Vincent finally came, the long wait was worth it. His hands worked wonders to my body despite the hard pressure I requested. The pressure was consistent all through out the session. Much much different from masseurs in Cebu who only wanted to have the massage done and the tip given. Vincent literally put me to sleep. I could have slept at the massage table if the one hour massage had not been done.

Later at our hotel, I drag myself to bed because I felt so relieved. I woke up at 10 the next morning.

So why should I advertise UniSpa? One thing for sure- I want tired visitors of Zamboanga to find a relaxing spot and just be that: relax. I hope when I visit the place again, Vincent will still be there.

Take note: Even if I already arrived in Cebu, UniSpa sent me a text message thanking me for availing their services. Isn't that cool?

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Yeoz said...

I also tried this spa, but i didn't have vincent but the other one i forgot the name. I think they only have two masseur at the moment.

The massage was really good but i could not sleep because my mind was fixated to the one (1) hour limit. I should have done it in the hotel where i stayed.