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18 January 2006

to blog or not to blog

TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG. that's the question that has been hounding me eversince my friends started showing me their own. as if having none means you're out of the circle.

why should i share my thoughts with everyone? maybe this has to do with psychological problems. you know. the share-your-thoughts-and-problems-with-friends-or-else-you-will-go-crazy thing. but my main concern is how to share my empty thoughts. maybe this is part of that crazy thing.

suddenly (as most fickle-minded aquarians do) i have this urge to share. i'm no blog reader. maybe soon my no-blogger title will be a thing in the past. or maybe i'm just afraid i will be the contribution of our family to our popularly crazy clan. or perhaps aquarians are just as crazy as well. i don't know.

is this how bloggers feel?

so why not try?


Anonymous said...

enjoy blogging!!!! kahawod sa picture uy... apil na dayon sa bisaya bloggers... dali!!!


Anonymous said...


by accident i found your new blog. got me interested. email me if you can.


Anonymous said...