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07 May 2011

Salmonella that is safe to eat

Yesterday, Nestle Philippines released a half page ad in a leading newspaper stating that they are recalling their Maggi Instant Noodles due to traces of salmonella in their chicken and beef flavors. They justified that only a certain batch (lot codes 11020598A1 and 11030598A1) has traces of salmonella in the seasoning but as a safety precaution, they are recalling those flavors.

This only strengthen my abhorrence with instant noodles and the way businessmen promote them as healthy food.

But strangely, they also put in their ad that MAGGI NOODLES IS STILL SAFE TO EAT DESPITE THE SALMONELLA TRACE as long as the correct way to cook them would be observed. Duh! Damn these businessmen!

I am not a food technology expert nor a medical professional but a product known to have salmonella should not be eaten when there are traces of it, aren't they? 

And meanwhile the Food and Drug Administration only acknowledged the recall.

Would a food expert explain to me this weird situation?

Salmonella is a bacteria that can be transmitted from water, soil, animal feces, raw eggs, and raw meat. Salmonella infections may affect a person's intestines, typically causing high grade fever, abdominal pain and vomiting.

Because of hunger, yes, most Filipinos would eat them anyway.


rommel said...

Naku, mahilig pa naman ako mag noodles kua... waaaa!

Edik said...

patay kang bata ka! LOL