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28 January 2012

What's in store for me in 2012?

I could not get hold of my brains when the New Year 2012 came. I was so relaxed I literally have nothing to write about the coming year. Or maybe not. Let us just say I have other priorities. LOL. In fact, I have been revisiting this draft again and again, revising it without even making it to the second paragraph.

So many things have happened since Christmas 2011, the impeachment of the Chief Justice among them, but I could not write a longer blog. Because of Facebook and Twitter, my blog has been neglected. Maybe because as we grow older, we want the meat and gist of things and no longer the flowery words? Or I am just too busy working to pay my outstanding debts? Living a life is a reality.

Facebook and Twitter allows me to share thoughts in limited words, therefore giving me time to read and share the real score. I blame them.

Blogging, however, takes time. Yes. Takes time. Blogging a paragraph-long or a single sentence-long is not blogging for me, unlike others. Using Twitter is recommended instead, to save face.

Blogging should be longer than a paragraph. Why? So you can give your readers time to analyze and share what and how you felt on certain issues or products. Especially if you are paid to do blogs. Blog-whoring, I call that. How does it feel to be a whore? LOL. That is why many of you noticed that I lack advertisements here in my blog. I am not here to earn money but to share you my experience. An independent blogger does not need to be forced to like or sell a certain thing to gain "fame" (OMG!) and money. I really hate that! 

Yes, I am babbling, actually, I write what comes to mind. Just to fill in my lack of blogging skills nowadays. I hope bloggers out there are not feeling the same way.

What's in store for me in 2012? I will have that "wait and see" attitude.

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