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12 April 2012

SM and the trees of Baguio

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SM City's Baguio branch came into the limelight recently because they are cutting (or earth-balling, depends on who said them) trees around its vicinity to give way for ample parking space for its clients. I would like to give emphasis on the CLIENTS thing because thinking about it, it is really the people of Baguio who are cutting trees, not just SM. SM was just too kind to give them ample space, because they, the people of Baguio, are filling up SM City.

When I was in Baguio a few years back, the place was noisy and polluted with all type of machines running on its streets. Baguio was not as cold as I expected.

So this online protest of sort is like a wimpy cry of a child. Distant and losing ground. Baguio has abused mother nature long before. Unless of course, the real people of Baguio City really cares for nature and this protesting is not done only by outsiders.

Read this:
Saving Baguio's pine trees is just for show. Go around the place and they have been cutting them trees. This is not uniquely SM's doing.

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