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23 April 2013

When in Cebu: Basic Etiquette for Jeepney Passengers

Whether you like it or not, the most common transport is still the old reliable jeepney here in Cebu. They are inexpensive, readily available and exciting means to move around the city.

If you are the squeamish type and would always ask for personal space, go hail a cab.

But when you are in a jeepney (jeep, for short), there are still basic etiquette to follow. Especially in Cebu! I believe that if you follow these rules you would not encounter some problems with Cebuanos.

1. Waving to a passing jeep to signal the driver that you want to board is okay. Shouting for it to stop is basically rude but not when you are running to catch up.

Ary's first jeepney ride in Cebu
2. Sit properly. Be seated properly means you are perpendicular to the seat and not awkwardly facing the driver’s seat. Sitting this way will guarantee just enough space when the barkers will call for more passengers. This will also eliminate embarrassment when the barkers/conductors will bang your backseat and tell you to move closer to others. Sitting perpendicular to the seat will also give others the chance to sit properly.

3. Always pay your fare 5-10 minutes after boarding and NEVER when you are about to disembark. Cebuanos (or worst, criminals) would know you are not familiar with the city if you are paying when you are already disembarking. Some would refer you as coming from the province (probinsyano). But actually, this will ensure smooth transactions especially if your payment needs change.

4. Say PALIHOG (Please) or BAYAD PALIHOG (My fare please) when you pay. And always with a SALAMAT (Thank you) when someone receives and pass your fare to the driver.

5. If you happen to board last and you are near the driver, it is understood that you will be acting as the jeepney conductor. Unless there is a designated conductor in the jeep, which is rare, you accept that fact without fanfare. That means you should have the patience to receive and pass all fares to the driver and give their change to the passengers. Some would even pass their fares without saying a word. Don’t get mad.

6. Almost always, jeepney drivers will move their jeep even if you are not yet seated properly. That’s normal in a city that moves fast. Don’t be angry at the driver. Just maintain your composure and hold on tight. That's what grab bars are for.

7. If you are with your lover/wife/husband/partner/querida it is almost always frowned at when you show public displays of affection. Wait until you are in a private place before smooching with your partner.

8. If you do not want people staring at you, dress decently. But if you really feel that miniskirts and short shorts are the in thing, don’t pull them down every second to cover your legs. Being modest will not invite bad elements.

9. Keep your valuables at home when you are planning to go around the city and ride a jeepney. If it is necessary to wear your tiara, go ride a taxi. But keeping your wallets and cellphones in your front pockets and your bags safely on your lap will not catch the attention of snatchers and swindlers. Be wary.

10. Jeepney drivers are law abiding citizens especially when a traffic enforcer (CITOM) is present. So disembark on designated jeepney stops. If you are not certain which one is, just say LUGAR LANG NYA 'NOY (Pullover please), or PWEDE MANAUG? (Can I disembark here?), or PARA (Stop please). Whatever you say, say it in a nice way. Banging the grab bar with a piso or make whistling/kissing sounds are also acceptable.

Don't be the crazy passenger that you are
11. So the driver will know you are about to disembark, say nicely, MO-NAUG KO 'NONG HA (I will disembark now Sir Driver), or if you have children or baggage, say, NAAY BATA HA/ NAA KOY BITBIT HA. This will ensure that the driver will move his jeepney only after you have fully landed on the sidewalk with your feet and not with your face.

12. It is overacting to say goodbye to the driver or fellow passengers.

Otherwise, the following instructional video applies even in Cebu.


FreeZeBox said...

Idol kaau nako ang last sir dah, wla pa sd ko nakadungog nga moingon og goodbye sulayan kaha ni.. hehehhehe....

Edik said...

hahaha Bai Elmer, kumusta man ka diha? suwayi daw nang number 12 kung mosakay ka sa jeep be. unya ingna ko unsay reaction sa driver ug mga tawo.

bugart dee said...

kana jud mutunol lang ug plete nya di mamalihog, kay mangalay na lang ilang kamot di jud na nako dawaton.