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21 May 2013

Swimming with plastic in Liloan

I really hate to write about this but it should be known.

We were in Liloan, Cebu for a birthday celebration of two good friends. The resort we were in has this misplaced money making agenda for its clients and visitors.

The CR looks terrible
From the time you get in the premises, they would ask for 30 pesos entrance fee. Even if you would be staying in one of their rooms overnight. That's another 1,200 pesos charge for an old crumbling facility with an air-conditioning unit that snored louder than cooling the room. The walls were only good for grunge-type photoshoot. The comfort rooms not comfortable. 

If you would like to use the swimming pool that looked like it was never cleaned despite of the pool strainers you see scattered around the area, you pay another 20 pesos or so.

Another pesos if you use the beach area.

And the beach area is disgusting. 

It was not because the sand was brown and warm but because of the dead sea grass brought up by the waves AND plastic from people who did not even care. Yes, plastic. Even baby diapers were washed out in the beachfront.

Not a good sight.

Did you see the diaper?
The termites are making their own design in the walls
As the day prospered, the environment also deteriorated. A lot of videokes (karaokes) competed each other. I mean, who would have thought that a small resort in this part of Cebu would put up a videoke machine ten meters apart? So the singer wannabes would shout at each other to be heard. Not to be left alone, the resort we were staying in put their sound system on full blast and the disco lights crazily revolving colored lights as far as it can. I believe this area and the whole populace were on drugs.

And yes, we were given a discount after checking out. No, we will not come back.

No helpful tips either.


Jay Olea said...

I have very bad experience with accommodation in other countries, but this one is worse. PhP1,200??????

Edik Dolotina said...

yes, the place is really bad. and dilapidated. and. and.


Hi! I am LiLi! said...

oh my. yuck!

what's the name of the resort?