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13 August 2013

To Amay, a dear friend

There will always be a part of you that misses her. You'll see something that reminds you of her and want to tell her about it, only to realize she's not there anymore. Then you'll feel her loss all over again.
~ Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark Side of the Moon

I know you are in a better place
But I miss looking at your face
You were so young to die
Every night I sit and cry
Wondering why does it have to be this way
It hurts so much because there’s nothing I can do or say
That can make you come back to me
There is one thing that’s plain to see
That one day we will be together again
And now until then you will always remain my best friend.

@Tsambika Angelidakis

1 comment:

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

She was so nice and a friend to almost everyone I know from HSS. She will be missed.

RIP Amay and to her baby.