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28 August 2007

Total eclipse of the heart

It's kind of weird to see the lunar eclipse taking over a few hours back. It reminded me of the crazy things we did when we were still young.

Our lola would tell us to get anything worth banging. The louder the noise the better because the bakunawa would be eating the moon. It was funny I could have banged my lola's head today but due to love and respect we happily obliged. When it started to get dark we furiously bang our things.

When you're young you don't question what the elders told you to do especially when you were born in the 60s. But the best part there was the fun doing all those things. We never asked questions, indeed. We just banged and banged until our hands were sore from the job. And somewhere in the distant sky the moon suddenly came back because the bakunawa was disturbed by our banging. We were glad it did not swallow our moon.


Miki said...

ang sipag magsulat a! swerte na makadalawa ako sa isang buwan, heheh

Edik said...

hehehehe walang magawa sa ngayon miki. kaya yun.

Clark Can't said...

Buti na lang di pinapagawa samin yun ng lola namin noon!
Too bad the skies were too dark to see a good visual of the lunar eclipse yesterday! Hmp!

juvy said...

mohinay sad ra ba ang utok kon lunar eclipse. he he he. wa lagi imo?