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23 August 2011

Back at Garden Cafe in Tagbilaran

When I was in my college days and later when I worked at the provincial government of Bohol, my favorite hangout in Tagbilaran was the Garden Cafe, a restaurant owned by the Bohol Deaf and Disable Foundation (IDEA).

When you go there, you are doing a two-pronged activity- enjoy their food and help the deaf of Bohol. In fact, the waiters and waitresses at Garden Cafe are all deaf. 

From a simple hut-inspired building, the Garden Cafe is now a showcase of American dining. The place has changed into a sort of cowboy-inspired diner, with all the boots and other Americana. Even the waitstaff are donning cowboy regalia sans whips. Interesting.

And the food too has become interestingly varied to suit the Montana theme. My friend brought me there to have a late iftar celebration. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and avocado shake. The quesadilla was quite exceptional specially with lots of salsa on it. I finished my meal with a slice of blueberry cheesecake which was so-so. I could have ordered coffee but my friend planned to do it somewhere.

If I will be in Tagbilaran, I will visit once again Garden Cafe.

Chicken quesadilla is the best (you can order beef, too)

Their blueberry cheesecake has more gelatin than cheesecake

The avocado shake I ordered is creamy and nice

Garden Cafe opens daily from 8 in the morning until 10 in the evening with exceptions on Sundays. The restaurant opens 1PM til 10 on Sundays. Garden Cafe has a themed room upstairs called Montana Room with several displays of Americana- stuffed animals, boots, skates, pictures, and the like. They also have a small function room and a music room. You can call for reservations at telephones (038) 4113701, 4112028.


jp2046 said...

cant remember the last time i was at garden cafe. my dad used to bring us there wen he was still alive.. fond memories at 'amang'.

Edik said...

hehehe that's exactly what Boholanos call Garden Cafe- AMANG- because of the deaf waitstaff there. do visit the place again JP.