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08 August 2011

Ladies and some slimy issues: snails

I was with the girls last Saturday while they were at their "observation post" at MetroCentre Hotel. Observation may mean seeing who is coming in or out and who wore the weirdest outfits, who is who, etc. In a place like Tagbilaran, "observing" people might be a good hobby. Especially in a hotel like MetroCentre.

Over sandwiches and water, the girls were talking about the latest craze now- slime, snail slime, to be exact. To the rest of us who are not into these girls' stuff, this may sound yucky. I mean, these human species are actually inventing the weirdest beauty ingredients they could think of just to defy nature and get all the attention they deserved. 

Remember, they were the ones who used bird-poop facials and placenta serums just to be above the rest. But- ewww.

And now- snail slime.

We used to get snails when we were younger to feed our pigs. As part of our assignment, and perhaps training on how to secure family sustenance, we would go to meadows and creeks very early in the morning when snails feed on fresh grass. These snails (we call them Umang; pictured above) were then cooked and the meat taken from the shells to be chopped and mixed with cooked taro leaves and rice bran. Our pigs were the epitome of  healthy and classy lifestyle: veggies, bran and escargots (French for, yes, you got it right, snails). Maybe Marketman should take note of that.

Anyways, I never knew those slimy snails is now the latest beauty trend to hit the market. Who would have thought? Snail slime are thought to cure skin problems like acne, scars and burns, and of course, wrinkles.


Pic from Ecouterre


Anonymous said...

I've seen ladies who's into pez plastic
containers n condodoorbells weirddeadly! lots of doors at the condos haha!

-ellis alejandria

Edik said...

Ellis Alejandria? how are you dong? where in the world are you?