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22 September 2011

And then they attack

I was confident because the big box where I stored my books and other projects was beautifully standing in some corner of my new house. This box is not just BIG but very heavy because all my design books, my favorite fiction and non-fiction books and my finished projects were stored in it so I have easy access on them.

However, due to heavy load in the office and the travel time I took every day from Cebu City to Lapulapu City that would left me so tired I would find myself sleeping in the living room, I was not able to transfer them to my room. So it stood there in the corner waiting for me.

Last night however was a disaster! When I opened the box looking for some project samples, I saw a termite on the box cover. I palpitated! I moved the box and saw the disaster!

I never knew the box stood there majestically strong but inside it was crumbling to pieces.

This book and above suffered most of the termite attack. I wonder what does this mean. Is it really a curse?
And then the also take joy in eating Ruining It For Everybody.
And Robb Walsh asked them: Are You Really Going to Eat That? I think their answer was a big YES!
Also they started eating Tomas OsmeƱa.
And Erma Bombeck's When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time To Go Home

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