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01 October 2011

Washing my undies in public

I've stopped washing my clothes (or anything that needs washing) since I had my real work, after forcing myself to retire from college. Even the dishes had to wait for an inspiration or a divine intervention so they be cleaned. My mother who has this penchant desire to clean everything, took the cudgels of washing my undies. My mom's saintly washing only stopped when I relocated myself in Cebu. All my friends would balk at me on this, causing irreverent discourses between me and them.

I am not bothered.

My mom is the best laundry washer in the whole wide world. People of Batuan, my hometown, knows that. That's why Mother earned a living through washing other people's dirt.

When my basket would be full of laundry and/or my having no undies for long gives discomfort when I am with people, I would decide to do laundry. Just like today. But after washing my second briefs, my hands were already complaining.

I love my undies in different colors. White briefs made me think of dead Chinese.

In my high school days, a week's worth of laundry was just a breeze. Now, with just a few undies, I am complaining already. Not that my briefs were very dirty. Honestly, they are literally clean I could use them, again. No yellow or skid marks on them. But why complain?

Maybe because I have already conditioned myself that I have also graduated from being a laundryman. I've worked hard enough washing is no longer my priority.

Well- with all the washing in the world and the constant use of detergents and bleaching solutions our water sources have become dirtier and tainted with our own mess. Every day! According to a study funded by ADB, 58% of our groundwater is contaminated, the main source being untreated domestic and industrial wastewater. (Country Environmental Analysis for the Republic of the Philippines, September 2004.) 

Out of which nudity could be a great option! If not THE solution. But then again there is skin cancer and the moral Church. That's another discussion.

Meanwhile my hands got scruffy despite the lotion.

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