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17 December 2011

My heart bleeds for Mindanao

The recent storm that struck Mindanao last night left so many people homeless with nowhere to go. Trailing behind are lifeless bodies of people, children and those who were sleeping with the hope of waking up this morning only to find out they were waking up dead. Most affected are Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro City and Zamboanga provinces.

Worst, those who were expected to help were also victims of this calamity.

Meanwhile, our office went ahead with the Christmas party. And I am attending more parties tonight and tomorrow and the coming week.

I feel so useless.

Photos grabbed from Mindanaoan at Twitpic; Mark Landicho and Al Christine Chan at their Facebook accounts.

If you want to donate, donate to reliable groups or agencies.
Philippine National Red Cross, for one.
You can also give to Iligan Bloggers Society.

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