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09 June 2012

Instagram almost killed my blog, too

I have been blogging since 2006 and has blogged about 1,299 various subjects ever since. The year 2008 was perhaps the prime of my blogging career (if blogging this much is already a career). It was in 2008 when I was able to make 420 blogs for the year!

But as technology improves, my blogging style has become easier and lazier. And with a friend giving me an iPhone 3Gs blogging has come to another level- Instagram.

Instagram is a free app at iTunes (and is now in androids, too). It's a social network site and a fun way to share pictures. With various filters to choose from, Instagram would give your "ordinary" photo a nice look and feel as if you are a pro photographer. And that almost killed my blog. I am now taking photos more than ever and uploading them at Instagram. In less than a year, I have uploaded about 1,177 photos already (still counting) and gained 83 followers. 

And this blog suffered. I am wishing would make it easier for me to post my pictures from my Instagram just like Twitter and Tumblr. Please feel free to follow me by clicking on the links I have provided.

My love for photography is way above my love for writing. 

Here are some of my shots using iPhone 3Gs and processed at Instagram.


joshua said...

great blog :)

Edik said...

Thank you Joshua.