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12 June 2012

Philippines at the threshold of going to the garbage bins (NOW GET OFFENDED, PLEASE)

PHILIPPINE GARBAGE. Photo from nsicdoria's Instagram account 

Today marks the 114th Independence Day celebration of the Philippines, my country.

But the same question has been nagging the Filipinos- ARE WE REALLY FREE AND INDEPENDENT?

The sad reality is this- Filipinos are migrating abroad because of abject poverty, to put it in flowery words, to seek greener pastures, and to be bound by foreign cultures and governments. The OFW is one tragic example. Some returning only after being adopted and has renounced their Filipino citizenship. To be in a foreign land is much better than Philippine "independence"? 

And now the yellow ribbon is slowly tying a gripping notch in every Filipino's neck in the guise of going towards a straight path.

Are we celebrating?

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