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28 March 2015

A Basket Case in Antequera

A year after the Big Quake of 2013, Bohol is starting to stand on its feet again to welcome tourists to the island. 

The towns painfully re-introduce their festivals so there would be a reason for visitors to come, buy and make lives whole again.

The Roman Catholic Church of Antequera could no longer be used  due to the massive damage brought about by the earthquake of 2013

So is the case of Antequera, one of those badly hit by the quake.

In an effort to bring a festive mood to its charter day celebrations, the local government held the First Basket Festival in the town. Several government personalities from the province and the region were invited to grace the event. It was a three-day affair and to end on their Charter Day with a parade, competitions and fanfare. 

The first Basket Festival of Antequera opened last March 15, 2015

The newly refurbished municipal display center that was heavily damaged by the earthquake was opened to the public, thanks to donations from local and foreign entities. There, the best of their products were displayed for prospective buyers. 

There was also a booth competition where different barangays (villages) showed their harvests and other materials worth showing and be proud of. 

And then there was a basket competition. 

But sadly, the baskets of Antequera have not actually improved. Some on display were old or recycled products. Some of them even got moulds and mildew. In short, there was no quality control, a sad realization that must be instilled in the minds of small entrepreneurs and SMEs. 

Antequera, by the way, has long been a recipient of several programs from DTI, local and foreign funding agencies. So there is no excuse for below average products. (I would like to deduce that those were leftovers from bulk buyers who came earlier, as if a religion, to Antequera’s market every Sunday dawn.) But still… 

I hope those who are planning to make other festivals in the coming months must make sure that quality matters in all products, especially if we are inviting the public to come and buy them. 

It will reflect 100% to the town. It will make or break them.


Antequera is a 4th class municipality of Bohol. The town was created on March 17, 1876. It is known for cottage industries, especially basket weaving, due to the abundance of materials in the area. Mag-aso Falls is also found in this town.

Products of Antequera

Antequera is about 18 kms from Tagbilaran. Regular bus and mini buses ply the route from Tagbilaran but when time is concerned, there is no definite hour. You have to be very patient if you are taking public transport.

Most advisable is a hired van or private car. It will take you about 15 mins to get there. As most of the island of Bohol has, habal-habal are available when you get to the town center. You can hire one to take you to Mag-aso Falls. Haggle for a price before hopping in.


Nitehawk said...


Somehow I was brought to a trance upon reading the title of you post. Well, the truth really bites huh!

Frankly speaking, I do feel it too! But, since the overall purpose of my blog was to reintroduce.

At any rate, I am positively hopeful that something new can be expected in 2016. For one thing, I have talked to one of the SB and I suggested that Booths should not only showcase the supplying barangay, but also some NEW DESIGN or NEW CONCEPTS Contest kind of thing be included. Or, NEW MATERIALS be introduced to the industry.

Well, for what it's worth, the newly started festival should or must sprout something new.

Thanks a lot for the constructive comment, I hope this will reach the WHO in the town.


Edik Dolotina said...

Thank you Nitehawk for dropping by. For a first-timer, Antequera's First Basket Fest was a success.

Hope they will really improve the products they were known for.