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05 March 2015

What I love about Zubuchon (and it's not even lechon!)

I am not a fan of pork or its products. But I am a fan of Zubuchon! That means one thing- they are not serving pork lechon ONLY!

I love Zubuchon in many ways. The place is clean, very welcoming, just like another home. The staff are courteous and they know what they are doing and what they are serving. Fast and efficient.

This is how I eat my Dinoldog- on top of rice.

Zubuchon's Dinoldog, squash and shrimps cooked in coconut milk, is my favorite of the veggies in their menu. And of course, there is Saguyon, that crispy-fried small fish from Mindanao. It goes well with an ice-cold beer.

Oh, mighty Saguyon, why are you so yummy? You're even exceptional
when there is cold beer around. I hate threesomes!

Lately, I learned that their Kamias Shake has evolved- Kamias Shake Margarita! And I totally have gone out of my mind!

Kamias SHake Margarita!


Zubuchon originates from ZUBU, the old name of Cebu and CHON, from lechon, that roasted pig. It was founded by the famous Marketman (Joel Binamira in real life) of Market Manila.

Zubuchon has branches in One Mango Avenue (032-2395697), Escario Central (032-2540247), Mactan (inside Mactan Marina Mall [032-2661310] and at the Mactan airport pre-departure area [032-5110005] and at The Walk (032-2368256) in IT Park, Lahug.

Price ranges from 50 pesos up to 550+ pesos, depending on what you order. You can even order a whole lechon and can be brought to Manila or anywhere in the Philippines you want it to be delivered. For a fee, of course. For a complete price list, you can browse their Facebook account.

They are introducing ZUBUDAGAT in two of their branches as of now- Mactan Marina and Escario. Zubudagat, (DAGAT is sea) as the name implies, offers seafood! That's the reason I can be at their Mactan and Escario branches anytime.

Zubuchon is given the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

Zubuchon's website can be accessed here.

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