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04 June 2010

Sex (education) in the City

There is an ongoing brouhaha regarding the move of the Department of Education (DepEd) to teach Sex Education in the schools in the Philippines, specifically the elementary level so that the younger generation will have an informed knowledge about the subject rather than learning it from the standbys in the streets.

The brouhaha came from the Roman Catholic Church, actually. The very vocal antagonist on the move justified its opposition by saying that the DepEd would have to show them how sex education should be taught in the schools before they will stop nagging their opposition. Or so it seems. 

Very alarming, according to Cardinal Vidal, Cebu's archbishop. He insisted that it is the responsibility of the parents and guardians to teach the subject of sex to their children. Like the one we heard about bees and birds when we were younger. Very 2000 late!

But my opinion on this matter is that, once again, the Church just shows its hypocritical stand on anything sexual like having it is an abomination worthy of hell. They still live in their palatial convents and ride in luxurious cars that they don't know what is going on outside. Maybe that and more are some of the reasons why priests molest their parishioners, some young children, because they need to be taught about sex. And not hiding the molesters from the public only to molest again. 

About 200 out of the 7,000 priests in the country may have committed sexual misconduct, according to a post in (A detailed post on this so-called sexual misconduct can be read by following this link- Should the Church worry on this instead?

Maybe the Department of Education should start their sex education curriculum in the seminaries all around the country?

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