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21 June 2010

What happened to the MetroCentre Hotel in Tagbilaran?

I have been out of Bohol for quite  time and was back for a wedding of our friend over the weekend. Since the groom is our officemate and the owner is also a principal sponsor of the wedding, my company sponsored our rooms at the MetroCentre Hotel and Convention Center in Tagbilaran City.

Much to my dismay, the family room (Room 516) given to us was basically dirty. Skid marks of unknown origin and some other spots on the floor rug were clearly visible and looked like they were never cleaned up. The walls had several black markings like some evil child was having fun. Even the bath tub had rusts.

I used to know that MetroCentre is THE hotel choice for directors of the Department of Tourism when they go to Tagbilaran, even the former secretary of that department whose name evades me, loved the place.

What happened?

In fairness, the hotel still has that efficient service minus the confusion we had at the reception desk that took us a long time to check in. The officer there would not permit the wife of our company owner to fill up the form for her husband's room (intended for the boys).

The garden at the different floors were a nice addition to the concrete view of the city though.

I told the persons at the front desk and some waiters there but I think they would just dismiss my observations. I wish they would improve the cleanliness of their hotel.

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La Vie Magnifique said...

thanks for the review, it is one of the hotels we were planning to stay in, tsk tsk...