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28 November 2011

I had a great time at VBS2011

Getting wacky with Guest Speaker Chris Drucker. Photo by Ms Kath of USPF.

I was there at 6 in the morning because the organizers said they will entertain walk-ins on a first-come first-served basis. But past 7 o'clock, they were still missing and some bloggers who just came in were already dying to go inside SM City Cebu for the Visayas Bloggers Summit (VBS) 2011, blocking the gates of SM with the early birds squatting on the side.

But this did not hamper me to join the Summit. I patiently waited for my chance to go in. And my patience have been rewarded.
  • My favorite bloggers were there in person and giving me tips on how to improve my blog.
  • Got a chance to win freebies from sponsors. I got a pack of 3 beauty soaps. I need them, I think.
  • Met friends and gained new blogger friends.
  • Chance to have photo ops with speakers. Chris Drucker was a nice person who knew how to ignite the audience.
  • Seen beautiful ladies vying for the Miss Earth 2011. Ms. England, Ms. Estonia, Ms Guatemala and Ms. Guam stayed for some photo ops. I love Ms. Guam especially when she told the group she has Filipino roots.
  • Was moved by the speech of Ms. Lopez from the ABS-CBN Foundation on the effects of mining in Palawan and some parts of the Philippines. NO TO MINING! We never gained financial stability out of this.
  • Learned how to monetize my blog. But wait- I hate seeing those adverts competing with my unpolished English. So it would take a while to see nasty and irritating adverts here in my site.
  • I did not expect the bloggers summit to be so "peaceful" during the event (with exceptions on the arrival of Miss Earth candidates and the charismatic Ms Lopez), but Twitter was bombarded by tweets of bloggers who were in the site. This only means that bloggers were more engaged in the virtual world. No wonder most of the speakers insisted that bloggers should be out and become a real person.
All in all, my experience at the VBS2011 was a fruitful cause worth the absence from work. To all bloggers out there, be passionate with your new found career. Write for people. Re-write. Edit. Re-write while finding a voice of your own.

Free coffee at the site from Coffee Dream

My favorite photoblogger- Evan Mendoza

The VBS2011 is full of students!
Miss Earth candidates gracing the event and were "attacked" by photomonsters LOL

Miss Guam is half Filipino and Miss England is sweet.


DreamWeaver said...

Too bad I wasn't able to attend. I bet this is the biggest blog event of the year in Cebu..?

Edik said...

It was my first time to attend Moe. And had a great time sitting there with new-found friends in the virtual world. There is one next year. Let's attend.

barbie777 said...

Hello, I was browsing at your photos. Me and my fellow blogger wants to ask you what you mean by "attacked by photomonsters"?

Edik said...

photomonsters- those rude photo opportunists who would not care if someone was stepped on just to have his/her photo taken, especially with famous persons.

you were? LOL