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23 November 2011

Nightlife in Alona Beach is more fun than in Tagbilaran City

Yes it's true. While Tagbilaran's nightlife is like an all-time Holy Week celebration, Alona Beach in Panglao Island is getting more into the beat without getting invasive. Several cool and ambient places are sprouting like mushrooms, so to speak. The choices in Alona are more varied as compared to Tagbilaran's grill, grill and more grill options. I heard Tagbilaranons are now flocking to the island and having good times there.

Why not? At Alona, you can have a lot (and a variety) of food choices. When you are choked with the smoke of grilling, Swiss, Oriental, Mediterranean, and of course Filipino food becomes good, if not better alternative! I even tried an Italian menu in some nook where civilization really exist- behaved diners (meaning no noisy Koreans, thanks God!), soft and appropriate music, and good food. That nook was this restaurant- GRAZIELLA.

The menu at Graziella Restaurant is particularly interesting with all those Italian names, hence it is needless to say it is an Italian restaurant. I was tempted to order a dish without the server's interpretation so as to surprise myself. Take note, the servers at Graziella know what's on the menu, an exemption in Bohol where most, if not all, servers do not know what's the food in the menu they are holding. With Jollibee as an exception. I appreciate the chef's and the owner's generosity of briefing their servers on the food, and I imagined they have tasted them, too.

I feel like carbo-loading that night I ordered mostly carbo-based food. For starters, Bruschette with garlic, onions, tomato and oregano was served along with San Mig Light and regular Coke. The food came and they were serving them together with a bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sosyal!

For my main course, I ordered a hefty Al Gamberetti Tagliatiatelle in curry sauce (P275). The flat noodle was just tender and the shrimps cooked just right and to my surprise, generous enough. I mean, there were a lot of shrimps on the pasta. Some restaurants in Tagbilaran brag about seafood pasta but you could not see why their version is called as such. Even a heapful of Parmesan cheese came with the pasta, which is a very rare happening in Bohol.

Graziella is pure indulgence at an affordable price.

Unya mireklamo pa nganong midako akong tiyan!

Al Gamberetti Tagliatiatelle

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