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24 November 2011

My wish: Join the VBS Cebu 2011

I have missed so many opportunities offered by the Cebu Bloggers Society to join them or their activities for the main reason that I consider myself a very amateur blogger and despite my blog site dates back to 2006, I am still struggling with my blog. Reading from the blogs of the members of CBS, I am dwarfed by them. And so my inferiority complex dominated my desire to join in.

Now, a friend of mine invited me to join with her to the Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 on November 26 at the SM City Cebu. I am caught between enhancing my skills on blogging and work. But knowing this is again a missed opportunity if I won't come, I sent her feelers that I may come.

The Summit is, of course, initiated by the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Why interested? My interest is fired up again since I know that the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation is a regular sponsor of the event and RAFI has helped many groups and individuals realize their importance in the society, hence, my high expectation from them is also fired up. (Pssst, RAFI has a blogging contest with a big amount of monetary prizes! But sadly, there is an age limit to the contest. I wonder why RAFI is doing this. Blogging has no age boundaries.)

I also heard several speakers coming from the blogosphere are coming to give inputs on how to better improve my blogging skills, skills that are necessary to my amateurish writing style. At least, the event would give me a better outlook on the ins and outs of the blogging world. Perhaps earning money to add to my income.

As of this writing I am still trying to log in at the registration site but could not do so. Perhaps my connection won't allow me to. Damn!

I only wish they would allow me as walk-in participant.

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