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05 May 2010

Blogging my way for 4 years now

I started blogging in 2006. I admit I was only interested after several invitations to do some blogs without really knowing what it meant. Someone told me I would just do like some journals of which I actually did way back then. The thought of mumbling online with just about any topic under the sun amazed me. So this blog. (What is a blog?)

Online friends encouraged me to go proceed despite of the fact that my blog has no focus. Yes, like me, this blog has no focus I can brag about so that people would be interested to follow me. Very much unlike the more established bloggers who specifically put their niche on travel or food or photography, etc. Mine is a topsy-turvy of just about everything.

But despite of the fact that I am merely writing this to satisfy my need to write, that need to pour out so that my mind can rest, I gain some readers and followers. Not that big but enough to satisfy my ego.

Interestingly, I got enemies or shall we say critics, out of my blog. One fellow blogger reprimanded me because I copied the whole article in his blog despite of the fact that I put his name and links as the appropriate author. Blogs should not be like that, he said. You can comment about my article and quote me, but still you have to have your own.

One time (or was that many times?), I also blog about my clients who literally abandon me after completing our projects, without even thanking me for the designs I made. I mentioned their names and their companies as a revenge for not paying me a single cent. Those instances got me various feedbacks from their friends and my friends. It was unfair and a demolition process I should not be doing- was the drunken spiel I heard until it died down.

I got tips from well-meaning acquaintances on how to do with my blog. Some suggested that I advertise what I do. Others even wanted to design the look of my blog as if this was their own. Advertisers emailed me and told me what to do so I could get money, a dilemma that entailed complicated manipulation of my blog. Money or not, I do not want to complicate my life.

I have had enough of everyone’s bright ideas.

In the end, despite of their perception that my blog is without focus, I have survived four years of blogging and I have no plans of stopping. I decide what I should do with my blog and what I write on it. I would share with the online community and to my followers what are my thoughts, what I have seen and experienced, what I’ve done and planning to do, what I’ve eaten or cooked. I gain friends, I got enemies here.

After all, this is the world according to Melchizedik. And that is me.

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kg said...

so true edik! this is YOUR blog, so no one should tell you how to "run" it. :)

happy anniversary! :)

Edik said...

thanks for the support Grace.

The Beancounter said...

indeed, this blog is the World according to you...and that's the focus others do not get...

congratulations on your 4th year! i look forward to each new post...

gildahoott! said...

i enjoy reading your blog .. and will again look forward for the coming years to read and read and read your blog.... mabuhay ka dik! hihihi

Edik said...

thanks much pareng Elmer.

Edik said...

salamat Gilda coz you take time reading my blog. :p