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16 May 2010

Food for the hungry soul

People might have noticed that I got thinner so they were more worried what I was eating (or not eating) than I actually did.

The Ortegas, Glo and Gilda, brought me to Khrua Thai again and treat to me a sumptuous dinner despite my insistence that I was really not hungry. But still I ordered Sticky Rice with Mango Ice-Cream as a consequence.

The girls had a great dinner ordering vegetable salad, some rice that looked like nasi goreng but with Chinese sausages, and a Phad Thai. Yeah I only took a taste of the salad since most of the dishes the girls ordered had pork on them.

As usual, Khrua Thai delivered its signature dishes.


kg said...

that's wonderful! busog na stomach mo, busog pa soul mo because of the company of friends! :)

The Beancounter said...

the omelette looks great! what's in it?