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22 May 2010

Indulging in Bohol: The Buzzz Café of the Bohol Bee Farm

Coming home to Bohol is a welcome respite from the demands of highly urbanized cities like Cebu. That and despite of the fact that Tagbilaran is becoming like a suffocated city and criminality abound with no solutions in sight.

But coming to a place I call home exudes another dimension, a sense of belonging I would not or could not solicit from someone or somewhere else.

The Buzzz Café (Upper Ground Floor of the Island City Mall; telephone 63.38.501.7818) was my first destination. I missed the food here and the company of familiar servers who would give you something of an extra of just about anything.

Honestly, I came here just for their famous Organic Salad which I truly missed since no restaurant would dare serve them. Famous because people are almost always amused at the sight of its ingredients: lettuce, pineapple bits, strips of vegetables and flowers. Yes, flowers. As what the owner and a good friend Ms Vicky Wallace told us long time ago, whatever the bees visit, is mostly edible. But I think what made their organic salad palatable is the syrup that comes with it: a combination of honey, cheese, vinaigrette and mustard. Yummy!

In spite of my insistence that I would only have the organic salad, Ms Ynday, my former head of office insisted that we also try their spicy seafood pasta which came in a huge plate. The pasta was served with another organic salad on the side (one bowl is already enough, please) and an herb bread with pesto and mango-cheese spread. Now this is truly an achievement I should be proud of since I don’t eat this much.

The pasta was perfect, firm and not soggy, the texture quite notable as the aroma from the seafood and herbs made it a drowning experience. Although I was wondering why there were five big heads of prawns on it with only 3 bodies we accounted. I should file a missing report, I joked.

As if the carbo load was not enough, we order another dish we could not resist- Bread Pizza. Now this sure is unique of The Buzzz Café. A thick slice of herb bread is doused with a special sauce combined with tomatoes, peppers, cheese and other herbs. The smell is heaven enough and the taste equally filling.

A glass of fresh buko shake and corn coffee completes our meal.

Burp! Excuse me, but that meal deserves a good siesta.


Ate Lor said...

Me likey! I'll be back in Bohol next weekend so I cannot wait to come back to this place and the Bee Farm :)

Edik said...

see you around Ate Lor hehehe. i mean in bohol.