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09 May 2010

Money is evil

The distribution of inangayan (what we call the vote buying here in Batuan, Bohol) has started since last night. I have here with me 20 and 50 peso bills with names of candidates stapled on them. They are cool to look at and a very harsh truth that despite the Catholic Church's demand that candidates should not give money, they even had a document to sign on for Christ's sake!, they still go on distributing them. Talk about promises and integrity.

I was awakened early this morning because of my mother's shrill voice demanding that she would return the money some candidate gave us through my sister in-law. I thought there was a fight. She started Mother's Day with a fight!

Evil. Evil. Evil!

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eRLyN said...

aba may sign up sheet pa ah! hay, kelan kaya matatapos yan.