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23 July 2011

Let it be

"You won't destroy us. You won't destroy our democracy. We are a small but proud nation. No one can bomb us to silence. No one can scare us from being Norway. This evening and tonight, we'll take care of each other. That's what we do best when attacked."
~Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

I was listening to the song Let It Be by Carol Woods and Timothy Mitchum (Across the Universe soundtrack) when news about a bomb going off in Oslo, Norway flashed in my newsfeed, killing some people.

It saddened me to watch gory but real life scenes like this. And yet the song told me- Let it be.

Minutes later news of a man shooting at innocent kids having a youth camp in the same area in Oslo was also flashed. And still- Let it be.

Would we let these things be?

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