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25 July 2011

Another spicy experience

No matter how bad is the service at Spice Fusion at SM City Cebu, we always go back there. The food is not the best but sure it is good.

But then again, it is always the service that counts. Like tonight.

When we went in, I suggested we stay at the table near the cashier and the kitchen for obvious reasons- so that we can be readily seen. Indeed, my suggestion bore fruits. We were served just in time when a customer fumingly walked out because she was seating in a corner for almost an hour and no one took notice of her. I even heard from the waiters saying that even if she ordered, she would not be served even for an hour because everyone forgot about her. What a shame!

Another group, a family I guess, wanted to seat inside. The waiters insisted they should take the tables outside, even if there were vacant tables beside us. Just an additional chair and I am sure they would stay there. But no, the waiter would not gave in. Like they do not want customers to come there.

You can even observe that the waiters would stay closely in one place- the counter near the cashier. Why? Did the owner specifically advise them to focus their attention at the cashier?

What is happening Spice Fusion?

The nasi goreng is exactly what I want: not oily, no pork and just as spicy.

Before that, we already were having a confusion at Spice Fusion:
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