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12 July 2011

The CBCP now asks its flock to be slow in judgment (from All Apologies)

The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines is again in the limelight because of its involvement in government fund misuse. In an effort to gain confidence from its flock, the powerful Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines/CBCP (not minding that the ones involved in the controversy were bishops) issued a pastoral statement to be read during masses.

I am expecting another re-assignment to be done soon by the Church. This is what they do with erring priests, as always the case.

The following is a full quote from The Professional Heckler, my favorite humor blogger. He rightly read what's behind the apology issued by CBCP. Thank you Sir Loy.

IN A PASTORAL STATEMENT read by outgoing CBCP president Nereo Odchimar Monday, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines apologized to the members of the Catholic Church after several bishops got embroiled in the PCSO fund controversy. Here’s a portion of that letter [and what the CBCP wanted to say but couldn’t in parentheses.]

Our Dear People of God,
[Mga Tagasunod,]

Our Mother Church has been deeply wounded by the controversies in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office that have erupted in the past two weeks.
[Nitong mga nakaraang linggo, sumusobra na kayo. Pikon na ang Simbahan. As in!]

Some members of the Church believe in the innocence of the bishops involved in the issue, while others do not.
[Kung ayaw n’yong maniwala, ‘wag!]

There is no doubt that everywhere in the Church there is great sorrow.
[Kung saan-saan na kami nagdasal, ayaw pa ring tumigil!]

We your pastors are one with you.
[Higit kailanman, kailangan namin kayo ngayon.]

… we are sorry for the pain and sadness that these events have brought upon you.
[‘Sensya na, tao lang.]

We are saddened that many of you… have been confused because of the apparent inconsistency of our actions…
[Hindi lang kayo ang 'confused!' Marami ring pari at obispo ang confused!']

As we express our sadness, we also ask you to be slow in judgment…
[‘Wag kayong mapanghusga. Bakit?! Talaga namang kadiri ang same-sex marriage ah. Judgmental ba ‘yon?]

Let us seek the truth always in charity.
[Lalabas din ang katotohanan. Basta ang donasyon, ituloy n’yo lang.]

We assure you that the bishops concerned are ready to accept responsibility for their action…
[Kinastigo na namin at binantaang ititiwalag. Kapag ‘di pa naman nagtanda ‘yong mga ‘yon, ewan na lang.]

We assure you that their action was done without malice.
[Maliban na lang do'n sa isa. Nakadalawang sulat pala ang damuho! Ang kapal talaga ng mukha!]

Out of their sincere desire to help their people, they failed to consider the pitfalls to which these grants could possibly lead them.
[Kita n’yo na? Fault n’yo ‘to eh! Kayo ang dahilan kung bakit nagawa ng mga obispo 'yon!]

They have also expressed their readiness to do everything that is necessary to heal this wound so that we can all move forward in hope.
[Ibabalik na nga namin ang mga sasakyan eh. Ba’t ba ang kulit n’yo? Anong akala n’yo sa ‘min? Patay-gutom? Mas mayaman ang Simbahan kesa sa PCSO ‘no?]

We shall examine our values in the light of our vocation to be disciples of Jesus Christ.
[Masakit pero kakayanin.]

We plead with you to walk with us in this path of constant renewal.
[Akala ng Noynoy na ‘yan, siya lang ang may matuwid na daan!? Kami rin!]

We express again our deep sorrow for the pain that the recent events have brought to you our beloved people.
[Paulit-ulit na kaming nagso-sorry. Akala n’yo ba madaling gawin ‘to? Hindi!]

The good Lord knows our love for you.
[Kaya nga kami nag-request ng 4 x 4, para mabisita namin kayo ‘di ba? Hindi pa ba sapat na pruweba ‘yan ng aming pagmamahal?]

The words of the Psalmist come to our mind: “My sacrifice, a contrite spirit. A humbled, contrite heart you will not spurn.”
[Patawad na kasi, ano ba?!]

As the same Psalmist addresses the Lord, we take his words as our own to encourage and challenge us: “Indeed you love truth in the heart; then in the secret of my heart teach me wisdom.”
[Natuto na kami. Promise, ‘di na mauulit.]

For the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines,
['Tapos na ang termino ko! Isang malaking good luck sa kapalit ko!]

Bishop of Tandag
President, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

A reaction from Mon Tulfo,  an Inquirer columnist:

Some quarters are asking if it’s a big deal that bishops received sport utility vehicles (SUVs) from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes (PCSO).

It is not only a big deal, it’s also scandalous.

The money that was used in buying the SUVs could have been spent on many ailing poor who needed medicines.

The bishops who were recipients of the largesse should have thought about the PCSO’s poor beneficiaries who were deprived of medicines because the money went to them.

Besides, why would those bishops, who are supposed to lead simple lives following the example of Jesus of Nazareth, want luxury vehicles when they can ride bicycles or motorcycles?

The answer is simple: They are pasikat or showoffs.

They want to feel important, as important as legislators who display the number 8 license plates on their vehicles.

Doesn’t the Catholic Church teach its followers that pride is one of the deadly sins?

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