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06 October 2011


Photo courtesy of Dezeen

Just when I am starting to tinker Apple products, my not-so-favorite Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple, died!

Why is he not my favorite?

Steve Jobs basically lifted Apple from its quagmire state is a fact. Jobs' revolutionary mind however, came as an arrogant if not autocratic approach to the business world.  As Steve Maich wrote on

His tone perfectly echoed his blunt refusal a few years ago to provide shareholders with timely updates on his health problems. It was clearly a pressing material issue for the market, but he simply stonewalled, insisting it was nobody's business. In his world, the word of Jobs is the law.
Millions have benefited by following Jobs' vision of the future in recent years. He's entitled to a little arrogance. But history is littered with genius visionaries who came to see themselves as invulnerable and were dumb enough to show it. Their stories almost always end badly.

In the end, Jobs succumbed to a sickness that finally proves he was human after all.

Goodbye Steve.

Photo grabbed from The Atlantic Wire

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