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18 October 2011

Why Cebu-Mactan Channel smells like shit

Traveling the Cebu-Mactan Channel could be fun and exciting especially if you are taking the Metro Ferry. Metro is swift and fast as compared to public transports like vans, taxis and jeepneys. Especially at night, the view of the city could be spectacular.

Adding to the sight of Cebu from the sea, your olfactory sense could be bombarded with the different smell of urban living. Many times I could smell shit (literally) specifically on the Cebu side of the channel. Why?

Despite several ordinances in Cebu City punishing people when they throw garbage just about anywhere, its teeth remains to be false and doesn't bite at all. For example,  City Ordinance No. 1361 establishes a system of garbage collection and imposition of fees for violators and even several amendments have been done, among them the amendment ordering its residents to segregate their wastes. No segregation, no collection they claimed. But I am pretty sure someone somewhere in the Labangon area is not segregating his wastes but still their garbage is being taken by disposal trucks. On the creeks near barangay (village) Guadalupe, people just throw their garbage on the dry riverbed to be taken by flash floods to the sea.

What's my point?

Photo courtesy of Cebu Daily News
Cebuanos made the sea their infinite garbage bins. Every day I encounter long stretches of garbage in the channel. Even the sea currents refused to take them to show Cebu what they have done to the sea.

Another case to prove my point that coastal cleanups initiated by local governments and the private sector are just for show. Or cleanups are additional pogi points to get that funding support from international entities?

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