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03 October 2011

Rainforest Park Cebu: Confused!

I had the chance to experience a different venue for a social function here in Cebu last Saturday. A friend of mine had the reception for his son's christening at the Rainforest Park Cebu somewhere in Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City, just infront of the Citi Park Hotel.

Although the "park" has many small stalls, the reception was done at the Oceanarium Restaurant. It is sad to note that nothing in that restaurant reminded me of where its name was based from. 

At the main entrance, a life-sized toy bear stands guard and a tiger (?) yawned at its souvenir stand. Inside the resto artificial forest vines and plastic leaves hang from the ceiling and trees on the side with an artificial rain dropping from time to time did not convince me it was an Oceanarium. The only semblance of an "ocean'' were the empty tanks with no water at all because they "were treating the tanks." 

Since it was a christening party, I was not able to taste what was on their menu. If the food they served during the function was also what they were serving on ordinary days, I have to admit they were passable if not good. The beef was tender and delicious.

What irritated me during the whole time we were there was the loud music outside of the establishment. The trees that supposed to "mute sounds in airports and terminals" as their signage claimed, could not even absorb the noise it brought inside. We have to shout at each other just to be heard. And the recorded electronic forest sounds of birds, macaques, and other weird sounds made the place irritatingly worst for a conversation. The confusion inside the restaurant was very visible and I hope the owner saw that. No, I don't think so.

Even here, they spell DIFFERENCE differently.
The only good thing that could be called "environmentally-friendly" there was the signages at the tables limiting your supply of paper napkins and drinking straws.

Even their comfort rooms were not comfortable at all. When you want to wash your hands, males have to go to the ladies room. The urinal at the men's is smacked right at the door of the toilet, a good opportunity for those who love watching men piss. Discomforting comfort rooms.

There are other stalls outside of the restaurant and a Jungle Adventure that featured a Wall, Zipline for kids, etc. But it is not a jungle out there, actually. My friends wanted to get out of there right after the reception so I was not able to explore the whole place. I am planning to come back and see it in a different setting.

I hope I won't be dismayed again. 

But if you are interested, you can make your reservations through Rainforest Park's phones at (032) 2390350 or 5168069. Goodluck!

The bear stands guard at the Oceanarium Restaurant
Inside the Oceanarium, plastic vines create a semblace of a forest
Outside the resto is a "Jungle" adventure

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