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25 November 2010

The funny side of the Korean attack

The attack from Pyongyang gets the world ready for another war

If war is inevitable between the two Koreas, we should be digging our bunkers right now. 

For one, the Philippines is now another Korea with the invasion of its citizens to almost every nook and cranny in the country. With the exemption, perhaps, of Basilan and the Sulu areas where kidnapping of anyone alien is like a job description worth bragging in resumes. From TV shows to music to restaurants to nasty Jumongs (a term we invent to call ill-mannered Koreans), Philippines has a lot of them.

When North Korea attacked the South, the world was in slight chaos, I presume, and everyone is watching them since Seoul promised a retaliation. Would this be another World War? US warships are now heading to that area as of this writing. 

Being at war only with myself, a real war could be this exciting.

1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado of Venezuela
But nothing is more exciting than a former Miss Universe title-holder from Venezuela Alicia Machado who was very concerned with what is happening around the world so that she asked followers in her Twitter account that we pray for the two Chinas not to attack each other and make it worse. Err.

Are beauty queens really that dumb? To err is human after all.


I wonder why there was so much fuzz about the joke a Korean actress made about how we speak English. Filipinos called her racist. Oh c'mon. We are more harsh to them Koreans than what she said on TV. Why care?

We are more racist than anyone else in the planet. We even call ourselves Filipino race while our neighbors call themselves Asians.

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kg said...

alam mo naman tayong mga pinoy, maalaks mang asar ng iba pero pag tayo na ang inasar, kahit biro lang, eh OA mag react...

Edik said...

oo nga mga pikon tayo.

Sreisaat Adventures said...

Uu nga, ser, andali nating mapikon! Bisag diris amua, daghang "Jumongs" na pod oi.