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03 November 2010

Tunay na lalaki si Mai Mislang, Noynoy Aquino's Communications Assistant Secretary

Blunders upon blunders hugged the administration of Noynoy Aquino since he came into the presidency. From doing nothing about Hacienda Luisita to killing of Chinese hostages to factionalism within his circles to involvement of his top men in jueteng, all of which contributed to his diminishing popularity like his hair.

Now his administration is facing criticisms among his kababayans for the ungrateful and rude comments posted by his speech writer and Communications Assistant Secretary Carmen "Mai" Mislang on her Twitter account during Aquinos official trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Mislang was part of Noynoy's entourage.

To quote from her no longer existing Twitter account:

The wine sucks” after the state banquet hosted by Vietnam President Nguyen Minh Triet in honor of President Aquino Tuesday during a state visit.

Sorry pero walang pogi dito #vietnam."

Crossing the speedy motorcycle laden streets of Hanoi is one of the easiest ways to die.

But like Puno and Versoza, Aquino chose to take Mislang's comments as shallow and told the Filipinos that it was such a minor issue even the Vietnamese government did not "refer that incident". The Vietnamese knew better.

Mai Mislang is a cum laude tourism graduate from UP.

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