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19 November 2010

The impoverished lizard goes to watch Harry Potter \m/

We were actually Harry Potters ourselves trying to make magic but hiding the gloom and doom as our benefactor (our Mam who would let us use her credit card for the movie) announced she would not be able to come with us because of some damn spur-of-the-moment invitation!

With our minds and bodies and spirits already conditioned to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows come seas and high waters, the assuming members of the Order called a meeting if we would or should pursue knowing the limited resources we have. A magic wand would not be helpful at that moment, even if!

Even if Death Eaters are on our way to get our souls just so we could not pursue our madness, we decided we should go for the following reasons: one, we are fanatics, avid at that, so we should be one of the firsts to watch that movie; two, the weekend would be full of lesser wizards so that just by getting a ticket would mean a long wait knowing the pretty girls at the ticket counter do not know any magic, at all, and, finally, who could resist the lure of Harry Potter in 3D?

We combined our forces to produce enough sustenance to survive Ayala Center Cebu, unknown wizards like us who are its poverty-stricken visitors. To be sure we do not have additional charges, we allow our office to feed us first before leaving.

Truly enough, lines were non-existent for the last full show. We made friends with the ticket lady with our insistent demand that we prefer the 3D version. She said they only have the 2D version. Seeing futility with our aggressiveness, she offered to seat us in the reserved seats. We were so happy we were like Bellatrix Lestrange.

The movie did not fail to deliver what is expected of it. In fact, many scenes were simply just breathtaking and surreal, like the tricycle chase, for example. But despite the sense of awe and wonder with the effects, a sense of loss and isolation is very evident in the movie. Everything is wide and lonely. For a non-reader of Harry Potter books like me, I could not relate to the names of some characters, some of which were not at the previous Harry Potter movies. I was at loss.

My heart bleeds when I saw Dobby again. He added an emotional impact on the viewers. He might also be one of the the reasons for a bigger and explosive Part 2.

Later, after the movie, I read that the distributor of this film, Warner Bros, decided not to convert the film into 3D, a long painstakingly job, I supposed, while they already announced to the world the final Harry is coming. I do so hope that the next and finaliest final chapter of Harry Potter will be in 3D.


kg said...

i loved the book. hope i will love the movie too.

Edik said...

you will hate the movie. why? BITIN!

Rommel said...

kua edik.. sadly but that's the general idea.. yun pagiging BITIN... last sequel should be extra mega momentous (dapat?!)

me tanong ako, ano pagkakaiba ng 2d sa 3d when it comes to movies like that?