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17 November 2010

What a week!

Despite the issues of cancer and legally groping the junks of the traveling Americans by the TSA, I am glad I have not been through those kind of paranoid-inducing travel. The past weeks, Noynoy Aquino has been babbling on deaf ears about the issuances of travel advisories against the Philippines, but despite his babbling, he ordered military personnel to bring high-powered guns and parade them at the various ports around the country. A funny sight, after that bungled China tourists hostage crisis.

Anyways, the past two weeks I have not been too kind to myself. I mean, I have combined work with leisure to many activities I could never say no which resulted in a damaging fever that left me exhausted and in pain while languishing in bed.

Week 1. After a night of drinking, I traveled 5 hours overnight to Ormoc for another grueling 4-hour trip to Catbalogan, Samar to shoot a fiesta activity. Worst, the rain was not cooperative and poured hard every time I aimed my camera at the scenes. Scene after scene passed by and I dutifully captured them. I stayed there for two nights and traveled another hour via pumpboat toward an island to spend All Saints Day there. Booze flowed.

I retraced the same voyage to get myself to Cebu for another appointment.

That same weekend I went back to Ormoc to attend a friend's birthday and stayed there for 2 days, touring the less-traveled sites of Ormoc. Tiring but fun.

Week 2. After the Ormoc trip, I stayed in Cebu for a scheduled run. Rushed to Tagbilaran City for an overnight pictorial with friends.

My already questionable back has been sending me signals that I have had too much weight put on it. My shoulders were the living testimonies on this heavy issue. Blood clots marked where my bag handles rested.

The pictorials ended past 3 in the morning and I could not get myself to sleep past 5AM. 

I went back to Cebu in the afternoon and walked almost an hour later in the evening to a scheduled camp out with friends away in the mountains of Kalunasan, Cebu.

Went home after the overnight camp out exhausted and not feeling very well. In the evening, my suffering started. I nursed my fever due to inflamed tonsils for two long days.

I am glad I am okay now.

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