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01 March 2011

The Great Condom Buy-In of 2011

Ridiculous laws need ridiculous response. 

For now, you might have heard that posh village called Ayala Alabang in greater Manila making the purchase of condoms and other "abortifacients" illegal, without the necessary prescription (reseta) from your doctors. It only means this- if you want sex you go to your doctor. Ridiculous!

So to ridicule Ayala Alabang's law on buying condoms, I suggest that all pro-RH bill supporters go to Ayala Alabang and start buying condoms from their stores and see if they could cope with the demand and the need to list down all them buyers.

I call that- The Great Condom Buy-In Day!

Ms Rina Jimenez-David explains why the ordinance is not helping the people from that rich enclave- Coercion in Ayala Alabang- and I would like to quote a few paragraphs:


ANOTHER ISSUE to take up with the good men and women of the council is the practicability of their ordinance. It provides, for instance, for every pharmacy or drugstore to keep a register of barangay residents who buy contraceptives, including condoms, from them. The identified users would then be meted out a fine or a short jail sentence. It also provides that foreigners (and there are many in the village) who buy and use contraceptives, after paying the fine and serving their sentence, would have deportation proceedings lodged against them.

How do the barangay officials propose to enforce their ordinance? What would prevent any Ayala Alabang resident from buying his or her contraceptive supplies from any drugstore outside the barangay? Would “tanods” (watchmen) resort to stopping residents at random and going through their handbags or pockets for pills and condoms? By conducting random internal examinations of women to check if they are using IUDs? How would they know the couples who use family planning? By barging into bedrooms unannounced and cross-examining them on their mating habits?


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