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09 March 2011

O ye, o ye your Lord's on the way

I was walking along Jakosalem Street in Cebu City and was trying to follow this cartful of wooden statues so I could take a shot of them. Yes, statues. The men pushing the carts were actually running against the flow of traffic and the statues were raising their hands I was imagining they were going to stop the flow just like superheroes. Funny!

I believe they were heading either to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral or the Santo NiƱo Basilica. Which reminds me that today is Ash Wednesday among the Roman Catholics around the world. I would be expecting more statues this Lenten season.

Traffic lights did not permit to take a shot ahead of the men pushing this cart. I was using my ever reliable Sony Ericsson K800i phone camera.


kg said...

yung isang statue para talagang nagsasabi ng "STOP!"

Edik said...

hahahaha oo nga.