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27 April 2011

O2 Spa is no longer appealing

After almost consuming our ordered quesadilla, a haphazardly done sauce of catsup and mayo arrived in exchange of the original salsa and sour cream. Disgusting!
UPDATE: May 31, 2011
Like a real fortune teller, my guess that O2 Spa will be closing its business seems right after all. For almost 3 weeks now, the O2 Spa's doors were closed and seems there are no activities going on there. I was not able to go and investigate, but one thing is very sure- they are closed.

I used to promote O2 Spa as the bar to be in Cebu. It used to have good food, affordable beer and a vibrant yuppie crowd.

Not anymore.

O2 Spa's usual 195 pesos a set of 4 beers + 1 is now 250 pesos. And the crowds have dwindled to a table or two the past two visits we had. Worst, their quesadilla becomes unappealing minus the salsa and sour cream. It infuriates me when bars and restaurants take your order and later serve them with lacking ingredients. It's like lying to your face. Only when we question for the lack did they explained the salsa and cream unavailable.

After a year of meeting at O2 Spa, my group decided to transfer somewhere affordable, with delicious food, great ambiance and serves you what's really in the menu. And no more replays of all Manny Pacquiao's fights like everytime they play it something new will happen.

We found the place- The Vienna Kaffehaus at The Gallery in Mabolo.

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