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17 April 2011

Palmistry: The art of making palms on Palm Sunday

When we were young, I almost always got excited during Palm Sundays because my grandparents allowed us to design our "palms" for this great event among Catholics. 

The focus of the design was the standard cross with a more open creativity on how you decorate around it. We stripped and cut leaves to form swirling decorations to make our palms stand out in a mammoth crowd. We usually used the young leaves of coconuts in these designs. I remember I asked my Lolo why only coconuts but I could not remember his answer. Maybe because Bohol has bountiful coconut farms and palms always point out at them.

Nowadays, Palm Sunday is no longer as exciting. People got busy. Palms no longer accessible and you can actually get them right at the entrances of cathedrals, churches and chapels- for sale. People no longer make their palms stand out in the crowd and has a boring uniformity among them.

I think the only people who are really excited are the vendors of these palms.

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