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21 April 2011

RIP Roger Alegado, my brother

It saddens me to know that my friend and mentor, Roger Alegado passed away yesterday. Since my transfer to Cebu, I have not seen him, much more talk to him.

Roger has been my big brother during my working stint at the provincial government of Bohol. We have enjoyed a lot of camaraderie, so to speak. He has been my team lead and became my group member, my consultant and mentor and a very good friend.

Sadly he has not told me his limited days with friends would soon be over. I heard from friends that he was sick and confined somewhere when I was already out of the provincial government. My busy schedules and my free spirit has never actually found where he was confined.

Until someone's status in Facebook told me he has passed away.

We have never talked.

Brother, death ends a life but not a relationship. Sleep tight. I will miss you.

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