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18 April 2011

Singapore's army is a softie

This picture of a maid, possibly a Filipina, walking behind a Singaporean army while tinkering a gadget in his hand has created a lot of debate in cyberspace. It even forced the Ministry of Defense in Singapore to issue a statement that the concerned soldier is remorseful of what he did in public.

I don't know how the Singaporean military operates but the picture would tell a lot, not just a thousand stories about the Singaporean army, and maybe will go down in the history as, uniquely Singapore. 

What's wrong with a maid bringing a rucksack of an army? There are a lot of wrongs here, and I can see a few-

I can deduce that Singaporean armies are pampered and spoiled brats. Brats could get worst. It could mean that a maid is doing the works of a military in a Singapore army camp- laundry, cleanup, shine shoes. Soon Singapore will be bringing maids when they go to war. Knowing their advanced technology, they could just sit in air-conditioned bunkers while their maids do the direct encounters with enemies. Isn't that cool?

Singapore's affluence, while worth for the green eye, has given us a picture of snobbery and aloofness. And like what its soldier was doing, Singapore could as well just be like its neighbors who could do nothing without helpers at their side. Maybe that is the main reason why a lot of Filipinos go there. That, aside from being a softie.

But in a way, bringing a maid to camp, is much much better than siphoning billions of pesos from the coffers of the military. The Philippine military could do well with that. Not the maid, of course.

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kg said...

baka naman napagod sa training. he he!

natawa ako sa isang line doon sa blog, baka daw "unloved gf" yung girl. he he!